Spamhaus Hit by One of the Biggest DDoS Attack on the Web; Attacker Captured

Spanish police have arrested a Dutchman suspected of being behind one of the biggest ever web attacks.

Spanish police forces have apprehended a hacker responsible of taking down a site through DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service.

The Dutchman, suspect of one of the biggest DDoS attack of sites on the web, is now held in Barcelona prison through a request by the Dutch prosecutor.

The site on the issue is Spamhaus, an anti-junk mail website. The attack sent a incredible amount of data to the site for it to crash and take down as it capped the site’s bandwidth

The name of the man behind this attack is Sven Kamphuis. He is the manager and owner of Cyberbunker, a dutch hosting company.

Spamhaus ddos attack

According to the spokesman of Spamhaus, they are very happy that the attacker has been captured and identified by the Dutch police forces.

A DDoS attack is a technique used by hackers to take down a site by sending huge amounts of data to overwhelm the server. If the server can’t handle the large data it receives, it crashes down and turns offline.

An average attack of DDoS only reaches 50gbps but during the attack in Spamhaus, it reached 300gbps marking it one of the biggest DDoS attack on the web.