Staff change in Apple

On Monday, Apple has issued a statement that the head of its mobile operating system Scott Forstall is going to leave the company by 2013. At the same time, John Browett, the retail head will also leave the company due immediately.

Scott Forstall has been working in the company for about fifteen years, joining the company since 1997 when the company had an acquirement of NeXT Computer to rehire the late CEO Steve Jobs.

The mobile operating system head is recognized as one of the original architects of the operating system of Mac, the Mac OS X. He is also recognized as one of those stimulants behind much of the user interface designs of the company.

The said resignation comes after the warm response of the public towards Siri and Apple Maps. While the cool features of Siri pose potentialities in the market, it has been stranded in “beta” testing ever since its release in 2011.

Moreover, according to some accounts, Forstall was decided to let go by the company because he refused to sign the apology letter released for the Apple maps.

Ever since the takeover of Tim Cook, this is the most essential change in the Apple staff. This also elevates the ranks of four important executives of the company.


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