Stampede at the Love Parade

The Love Parade techno music festival in Germany caused a stampede that killed 19 victims; four of these victims were foreigners who were counted as spectators of the said event. The police confirmed this report on Sunday.

In a news conference, the local police Chief Detlef von Schmeling told the press that the four foreigners were already identified. The dead comprised of one Australian woman, one Italian woman, one Dutch man, and one Chinese man.

Stampede at the Love Parade

Chief von Schmeling also declared that other victims of the stampede were already identified by the authorities early morning on Sunday. According to him, only three of the victims are not yet identified and the police are putting their efforts to identify the three remaining stampede victims. The ages of the victims were also identified. Chief von Schmeling said that the victims’ ages range from 20 to 40 years old.

Chief von Schmeling furthermore added that the victims did not die inside the tunnel. He told the reporters that the victims died at the scene of the disaster, which is at the entrance of the tunnel leading to the festival field.