StarCraft II Breaks Sales Record

StarCraft II is in rage.

During the game’s launch date, the game sold over 1 million copies for Mac and PC computers. It broke the record, having 1.5 million copies in just 48 hours after its launching. StarCraft II is considered as “one of the most successful game launches of all time.” The sequel is said to be the extremely much-awaited game launch for this year.

Blizzard’s StarCraft II is recorded as the “fastest-selling RTS” in the gaming world. On the first day of its launching, it already addressed to the five continents of the world and in 11 different languages. This strategy of catering the game to almost everyone in the world is a wise move for Blizzard. The game is available to almost everyone and can be played by different customers in different continents of the world.

According to users, StarCraft II doesn’t have anything new to offer to the public. It only has polished the game and it added an “intuitive gaming experience” to the public. People who have been a fan of this game are somehow expecting that the sequel will do well. The sequel hopes to gain the same or almost the same acceptance from the public. Most are expecting that it will have the same popularity as that of the original.

StarCraft I is regarded as a major sport in South Korea. With this expectators of the sequel are in high hopes that StarCraft II will gain the same attainment as the original.