Valve Working on Steam Box Gaming Consoles

Steam Box Gaming ConsolesNot too long ago there has been a rumor that the company behind Steam – Valve, have been thinking about engaging in the hardware market.

Particularly, there were gossips that Valve has been thinking with the concept of making a proper gaming console which may possibly cause a threat to the popular PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

“Well, if we have to sell hardware we will.”, Gabe Newell, Valve co-founder, lately advised Penny Arcade.

In a flash that would just be intriguing fodder for a gaming community debate, there has been an information uncovered that shows that not just Valve been confidentially concentrating on gaming consoles for the living room area, but that the Valve is making an effort in pursuing something which could push Steam in the center of the gaming universe, much more likely what Google did with Android. Additionally, in an interview with Gabe Newell, he said that Valve isn’t going to to do hardware by itself, “We’d rather hardware people that are good at manufacturing and distributing hardware do [hardware]. We think it’s important enough that if that’s what we end up having to do, then that’s what we end up having to do.” he said.
Based on sources, Valve has been working on the hardware specifications and a software which will constitute the central source of a “Steam Box.” The particular equipment might be made by a number of partners, and the software could be available to any company that desires to ride on in the game.

Meetings were organised while in CES to demonstrate a hand-built model of the hardware to potential partners. The basic specifications of the Steam Box include a Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GPU.