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Steve Jobs Dreamed of Designing iCar

iPods, iPhones, iPads, and iCar? Is it true that Steve Jobs also dreamed of designing a car to have a slice in the car industry?

According to an Apple board member, Mickey Drexler, the late Steve Jobs told him in an interview during the Fast Company Innovation Uncensored Expo held in New York that he also wanted to design a car and add it to the company’s product lineup.

Mickey Drexler stated that the car industry in America is a tragedy, “They talk about expense, they talk about this – and then you say, well ‘who’s designing the cars?’ Steve’s dream, before he died, was to design an iCar.” he said. He also mentioned that if Steve Jobs designed a car, it could have been dominating the car industry – like 50% of it.

“It would’ve been probably 50% of the market,” he said.imove liviu tudoran

The Cupertino, California-based company was rumored to be secretly working and designing with cars for years, we don’t know if majority of the Apple fans knew about it or not. Jobs met Martin Winterkorn, head of the Volkswagen Group in 2007. They were allegedly planning to team up and make a car targeting the youth market.

While Steve Jobs never wrote his concepts and ideas for cars, several designers have imagined what this car would look like.

This design of Liviu Tudoran, which he called iMove, is a 3-seater plug-in car, that includes a what he called “photocromic” exterior – this allows the owners to change the color of their cars, an entirely touch-enabled dashboard, and a convertible roof. Looking closely at it, it’s just like an Apple mouse.

Please be reminded that this is not a confirmed report. We are not sure if Apple is planning to enter the car industry or maybe a different industry to add up a new line of products. We should still rely on the official announcements that the company will release.

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  1. If this will come into reality, I just hope that it will not be as exorbitantly priced like the other Apple device. However, that seems to be an impossibility; I am referring to the price.
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  2. Must’ve been awesome to see what it would’ve looked like and not just what designers have imagined. Anyway, i really like the picture above. It would be a nice design for a computer mouse too! just sayin’ 🙂
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  3. Apple’s incessant use of the little i before every word and their grandiose product launches invites many parodies and jokers to come up with all kinds of crazy future iProducts. iLOL.

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