Steve Jobs will forever be remembered, Apple

After the untimely death of Apple’s legend Steve Jobs, why a lot of people still remain to be obsessed with him and his creations?

One of the reasons why Jobs is still remembered because he is considered a business legend — the one who created today’s most valuable companies in the globe. He is the master behind the innovative and appealing products of Apple such as iPhone, iPad, iPod and iMac. He is also identified as a master marketer, a visionary, a total dreamer, a wizard in designing, an in-demand leader and a leader of industry after industry.

If Jobs had not been tagged with those titles, he had not performed anything and everything he had done. And we would not put so much attention to him certainly.

In a business world, Steve Jobs is one of the few who is tagged as a phenomenal accomplished Chief Executive Officer. This is why not only the press is obsessed with him, but also Apple and non-Apple fans.

The most outstanding characteristic Jobs have shown the people is that despite the CEO-ish look he needs to put up, he still has a genuine human being in him, complete with all the strengths and weaknesses.

It was Jobs who discretely influenced the company to give importance to the secrecy of Apple’s doings, especially with its gadgets.