Street Named After Lara Croft

Lara Croft is a video game series, which is starred, of course by Lara Croft. The main character is presented as “beautiful, intelligent, and athletic archaeologist adventurer” who likes to endeavor ancient, hazardous tombs and ruins around the world. The game was created by Toby Gard and first appeared in 1996. Today the video game has formed a series. It also has developed into a new game Lara Croft and the Guardian of the Light which was launched just recently.

It was when the UK city of Derby got and took the votes of the people on what to name one of its newest streets.

With the popularity of the game Lara Croft, it garnered 89% of the people’s votes. In a rough estimate, more than 27, 000 people participated in the said naming and voting of the new street. Lara Croft won over other famous personalities in their fields, such as the football player Steve Bloomer, astronomer John Flamsteed and engineer George Sorocold.

According to the cabinet member for planning and transportation Councilor Lucy Care, the votes are overwhelmingly surprising. Care stated that “The vote really captured the imagination of people from across the world and, despite my lack of gaming knowledge, I accept that a majority of 89% for Lara Croft is too overwhelming to ignore.”

Considering that the game was created in Derby, this has now become the major connection lying between the relationship of Derby and Lara Croft. Lara Croft just deserves this alongside with other traditional icons of the place.

The street is now officially open and named after Lara Croft. In fact, in the opening of the street, a Croft look-a-like was standing beside the street name for photo ops.