Study Discovers That More Than Half of the Americans Have Facebook Profile

Very few people nowadays are ignorant when it comes to Facebook.  Almost everyone you know has signed up for an account in the site. A latest survey by Edison Research showed that 51% of the Americans aged 12 years and up have profiles in the site.

A full report of the results will be released by Edison Research in a webinar on April 5.  This study, which started since 2008, is Edison’s 19th study on digital media-related topics.  Three years ago, Facebook was used by only eight percent of the Americans aged 12 and up.

facebook usa

Facebook claims they have more than 500 million people involved in the site worldwide.  The study says people aged 35 and up were mostly using the social networking site, and it has been increasing since 2008.  2, 020 people with ages 12 and up were polled and resulted to these conclusions.  The minimum age to have a profile is 13.

Facebook goes strong about implementing that rule.  They remove 20, 000 profile a day, mostly belonging to underage users.  But there are still other reasons for profile removals, like spam and inappropriate content.

Facebook still keeps no comment about the findings of the study.

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