Study Shows Windows 7 Runs on 94% of New PCs

windows_7_9820113609Google may one day look to change the momentum of its mobile Android operating system onto home-based hardware and it might well be successful but, until now, PCs will remain the domain of Microsoft and Windows.

This is based on the study of the specialist Gartner, which has this week said Redmond-based Microsoft will go on to oppose the challenge of market competitors by means of Windows 7, which will have been transported in 94% of new PC systems by the end of 2011.

The newest research of Gartner recommends Windows 7 will be running on 42% of PCs worldwide by the dawn of 2012, while it anticipates over 630 million PCs powered by Windows 7 to have been shipped throughout 2011 only.

Annette Jump, a research director at Gartner said in a report, “Many enterprises have been planning their deployment of Windows 7 for the last 12 to 18 months, and are now moving rapidly to Windows 7.”

That platform shift means that business users running on ye olde Windows X, some of which were left dissatisfied by Windows Vista, are finally being swayed by the critical acclaim garnered by the Windows 7 upgrade.

The computer operating system of Apple (OS X) presently holds a market share of about 4.5%, while open-source platform Linux pulls in below a single percent.

Sadly, the ongoing supremacy of Windows 7 on home-based computing devices is not matched in the mobile market, where the likes of Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS have controlled to marginalize Windows Phone 7 platform of Microsoft.