Sungmin Quitted on Twitter

Sungmin is a Korean pop star who is known for his singing and acting abilities. His career started as a member of the Korean boy band Super Junior. He is one of the lead vocalists of the group.

Apart of being a singer and actor, Sungmin is also a martial artist. His ability in martial arts has been part of Super Junior’s dance performances.


Super Junior launching as recording artists was on November 6, 2005. Their first performance as a group allured thousands of people across Korea, Japan and China. Since then, their performances were constant and nonstop — from one show to another show. No wonder that they became popular on TV, radio and in the World Wide Web.

A lot of fans-base site of Super Junior were created. You can see them on Twitter and Cyworld. The accounts of the Super Junior members were always checked and followed by their fans. You can just only imagine how many followers they have in the Web!

Sungmin, as one of the most admired Super Junior, is said to have 140, 000 followers on Twitter. He is one of the trends on Twitter. According to reports, Sungmin is already a topic even in the Northern part of New Jersey and other 20 cities of US.  On the other hand, Cyworld is a social network popular in Korea because people who have accounts can chat and interact with one another. These two social networking sites have Sungmin’s account.

But, according to reports, Sungmin’s account in the two mentioned social networking sites were deleted. Fans of Sungmin were very much concerned of this unexpected event. Nevertheless, Sungmin’s fans are still very hopeful that he will go back on the Web.