Supply of the New iPad Runs out for Friday Delivery

Apple Inc. has run out of first products of the “New iPad” in most region where it will release the latest tablet on Friday, and it is now informing consumers that orders are not going to deliver for approximately 3 weeks.

In Canada and U.S., all placed pre-orders of the New iPad through Apple’s online store will dispatch on March 19, 3 days following the release date. Consumers who orderred quite early in the pre-sale procedure were advised that they are going to receive the latest tablet on March 16 – Friday.

Several buyers, which includes Computerworld staff who placed an order of the new iPad last Wednesday, have been advised through emails verifying that their New iPads have already been shipped.

Orders from Australia will probably dispatch on March 22, whilst those who placed an order from the first-wave markets, (U.K., Switzerland, Japan, France, and Germany)delivery will be delayed for two or three weeks.

The online store in Hong Kong shows that the New iPad is not yet available.

U.S. wireless carriers Verizon and AT&T will also sell the New iPad but for now they are only taking buyers’ email addresses for later notice as soon as the tablet is available.