Syria and Saudi Arabia’s Leaders Show Unity with Lebanon

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah went to Lebanon for a much-awaited historic lunch. The flight of the two leaders took place on Friday after the UN’s report on Hariri’s assassination.

The two leaders showed their support to Lebanon. Their arrival to the country is a signal that they are “united in wanting Lebanon to remain stable and to resist those who might want to resume the kind of civil war” Lebanon wants to have.

This meeting is marked as historical because it was the first time that the Saudi Arabia monarchy has visited Lebanon since 1957. Syrian President al-Assad’s coming to Lebanon is also his first time since the issue of Hariri’s assassination grew. It was rumored that Hariri, former Prime Minister of Lebanon, was assassinated under the orders of Mr. al-Assad.

Mr. al-Assad and King Abdullah are most concerned with the decision of the UN tribunal over Hariri’s assassination. They fear that if the tribunal will point its fingers to the Shia movement Hezbollah, the chaos occurred in Lebanon from 2004-2008 will happen again. They fear that the decision will be politicized and that will bring no good to Lebanon.

According to Professor Makdisi of American University at Beirut, if this happens, Hezbollah should not over react with UN’s decision. He further explained that this case might have been influenced with political powers. If Hezbollah does the opposite then the future of Lebanon is at stake.