T-Mobile 4G LTE launch on March 27

Early on this week, there was an uncovered product listing or road-map chart released by an operator familiar with the proceedings inside T-Mobile USA.

The particular list is said to show not only the set of newest handsets that will be carried by the company, but also the releasing date that its 4G LTE network will be available. Included in this list is the Samsung Galaxy Exhibit with the Galaxy S3 upgraded to 4G LTE abilities, as well as the newly launched BlackBerry Z10 for the unique network bands of T-Mobile.

According to TMO News, the listing leaked indicated that the key date for the T-Mobile event will be on March 27.

T-Mobile 4G LTE launch on March 27

Moreover, there are two different models of Samsung’s T599 Galaxy Exhibit included in the list to be presented on March 27. And the new BlackBerry Z10 has been informed that it will be released on the 27th and other set of dates.

Additionally, the T-Mobile’s Sonic 2.0 Mobile HotSpot LTE has also been revealed that it’s going to have its official release on the 20th of March and on the 27th will be the date of its availability. 4G LTE for Samsung Galaxy S3 also has been tipped to be revealed on two probable dates and the availability either on the 27th of March or 3rd of April.

The sure thing tipped off is that the official launching date will be on March 27.