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imac flash torage

New Flash Storage Options for iMac Now Available in Apple Website

Customized order for iMac in the official Apple store now includes more storage options including 256GB, 512GB, and 768GB Flash storage both for the 21.5-inch and 27-inch versions.

Flash storage option in the iMac cost a lot, too. If you want the 256GB option, you just have to add $300, 512GB doubles the price with an extra $600. The new storage options of iMacs were not announced by the company, it came by surprise in the Apple store and was first noticed by MacRumors on Thursday.

imac flash torage

Before the new storage options, orders for the 21.5-inche model iMac doesn’t have the flash options upon custom order. Choices were only the default 1TB 5400rpm SATA drive and the 1TB fusion drive that costs an extra $250. For the 27-inch model, it has the default Serial ATA drive option and flash storage option but only restricted to 768GB which cost an extra $900.

All the default-configured iMacs in both models were offered to be ship within a day from the official Apple store website.

The Cupertino, California-based company was reportedly having issues with production. It was determined to have stemmed from their screen lamination process which helped Apple achieve the thinner screen design in their computers. And now that it seem to be resolved, Apple is now able to offer more internal storage options.

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

A surprisingly quiet release by Apple Inc.

Just recently, the super tech giant, Apple Inc. has quietly launched a new low-end version of the iMac. This keeps educational institutions to save over $200 from the regular model.

Apple Inc. seems to release the newer version to avoid all fanfare of its low-end iMac. The company clarified though that this new gadget is only for educational institutions. It costs at $1,099, saving up to $200 from the price of the regular version of iMac.

It is still not confirmed though when Apple has launched the new low-end iMac for educational institution consumers. However, according to MacRumors, the company seems to have released the product just recently. The new version has replaced the $999 iMac. This iMac for educational institutions was released last year.

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099This new product features a 21.5-inch screen. Its hardware has a 3.3 GHz Core i3 processor, 4GB or memory, and 500GB of storage. The user can do upgrades for $270 each — one is for custom configuration RAM and the other is storage upgrades.

This new iMac for educational instiutions can only be ordered and purchased directly by the institution itself on the Apple store. Furthermore, no students or teachers can buy this product for personal use.



128GB iPad now out for $799, Apple

128GB iPad now out for $799, Apple

After rumors and confirmations about the newest 128 GB iPad of Apple Inc., the tech giant has already began selling the new addition to the current lineup of the gadget.

The 128 GB iPad is now sold through the Apple Online Store and its retail outlets. Everybody seems to be very excited about this. This gadget, however, comes with almost the same features and aesthetics you see on the previous iPad. The biggest feature it can possibly offer is the bigger space it has now with 128 GB.

128GB iPad now out for $799, Apple

The previous iPad has a storage of only 64 GB. The extra space it offers now, which it has doubled, would certainly draw in a lot more customers, especially those who are wanting more space for their iPads. With the releases of various new apps, which are mostly games, plus the user’s collection of videos, music, photos and probably documents and files, it would not be a surprising thing that the 64 GB iPad will ran out of space.

For those who want or are interested to own the new model, you will be needing about $799 for the Wi-Fi model only, and $929 if you want the model that comes with cellular and Wi-Fi features.




Apple Store App to add Siri and Passbook

Apple Store App to add Siri and Passbook

The Cupertino-based company Apple has released its latest version of Apple Store application for iOS that incorporates with Siri and Passbook.

The store is publicized as the “on-the-go” shopping experience for all products of Apple, which allows users of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad products to buy other Apple devices, track purchases, and make Genius Bar reservations.

According to the update shown on Wednesday, the store is including the ability to ask Siri to help find prices and to shop for a variety of Apple products. You can ask Siri the costs of MacBook Pro and other devices or apps and direct you to the page of the app or the device. As for the following reports, this might not function without the updated application.

According to TNW, the integration of Siri seems to work fine, even though they have been hearing that it’s pretty much the same on gadgets with the installation of the old application.

On the other hand, Apple has already included the capacity to buy the gift cards through the app. This can be emailed directly to friends and easily accessed through the Passbook section on iOS 6. The recievers can then use the card at any of the retail locations of the company.

In addition to this, a quick search in the Apple Store app can provide only one non-physical gift card preference, which is Apple Store gift card through email. Other results present App Store, iBook gift cards, and iTunes, all of which must be shipped through the postal service.


Fifth-gen Apple iPods for shipment

Fifth-gen Apple iPods for shipment

At a media event the previous month, Apple has introduced iPod’s fifth generation.

The fifth generation of the iPod touch is an updated version of the gadget, which offers the same four-inch touch screen display screen found in the new iPhone 5 and quite a lot of varied color preferences.

The Cupertino-based company has immediately started taking pre-orders for the gadget. The availability was set for a non-definite October time frame.

As early as the first week of the month, some of those customers who had their pre-orders early on have started reporting that the statuses of their orders have switched to a label “Preparing for Shipment,” the final phase before being submitted to delivery companies. Other customers have reported that their credit card has also been charged.

The step toward availability comes right after the announcement on Thursday that the estimates for new pre-orders for fifth-gen iPods in Australia’s Apple online store shifted from an unclear October to just three weeks.



ipod nano recall

Apple Announces Recall of Ipod Nano

ipod nano recallApple publicized that they are going to have a recall program concerning its authentic iPod Nano in the us. It stated that the unit has an uncommon overheating issue that might be harmful. It offers replacements for the first generation iPod Nano units. Apple recommends customers to cease the use their units and adhere to the solutions provided by the company to exchange them with yet another model free of charge.

Apple stated that this is a battery problem but it doesn’t affect other iPod generations. There are numerous ways to get your affected iPod Nano exchanged. The first is through the application of Apple’s online replacement form. It’s accessible for many countries, like the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Germany, France, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Belgium, Austria, and Australia.

The iPod Nano’s serial number is needed for the recall program. The number is located at the back, just beneath the storage indicator. If your unit is a customized one, the replacement unit wouldn’t be customized. It’s necessary to return the old device to get a replacement.

The 2nd way is by going to any local Apple store or any Apple Certified Service Provider. The device is going to be changed with the replacement unit once confirmed. The replacement devices includes a 90 day warranty from your date of service.