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amazon 3d smartphone

Amazon Developing 3D Smartphone Without Using Glasses

Amazon.com Inc. is reportedly developing some enhancements for their Kindle devices to compete more with the leading tab manufacturers Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

According to the poeple knowledgeable about the matter, the e-commerce company has recently been working on array of new devices including smartphones and audio streaming devices to broaden their reach beyond their tablet computers.

One of the smartphones that they currently working features a screen that allows 3D effects without having to use a glass. With “retina-tracking” technology, images will appear like a hologram and seems floating above the screen. According to sources, users can also navigate the smartphone using their eyes.

amazon 3d smartphone

These projects of from the Seattle-based e-commerce firm is not new anymore and has been publicized. In 2012, news came out that they are developing their own smartphones, and just last month, media outlets reported that Amazon is working on a movie-streaming device.

These devices are due to roll out this year as part of the company’s goal but people familiar with these projects advised that these gadgets could not directly compete with the leading manufacturers due to financial concern, performance and other matters.

Oggl for iPhone

Hipstamatic’s Oggl for iPhone Competes with Instagram by Facebook

Instragram by Facebook has been a total success among people who enjoy taking photos. While it is enjoying the popularity leaving other photo apps behind, there is this new photo app that seems to be making a name on the niche, the Oggl.

According to Ryan Dorshorst and Lucas Buick, Hipstamatic co-founders, this iPhone app is “a community for creative people to capture and curate their lives through photography.”

Inspired by the idea of “capture-first” shooting like any other photo app, Hipstamatic’s Oggl utilizes films and lenses and allows a user to edit the photo after shooting. There is the mainstream edits and tweaking of the photo for different looks or “tap to preview” effects which is quite interesting.

Oggl for iPhone

After editing the photo to your satisfaction, the user can share the photos to Oggl profile and make a story out of it. It can also be shared on other platforms such as Facebook, Tumble, Twitter, Flickr, and etc.

On the app’s official release, Oggl will be free for download from the Apple App store. The app will come with 5 situational shooting modes such as sunsets, landscapes, food, night, and portraits. For more features, you can subscribe for $9.99 a year or 99 cents a month to access the film gears and lenses options. Aside from those options, the subscription will also allow the users to access the entire catalog of Hipstamatic.

Samsung shares

Samsung’s Problem Facing Unspent Cash Pile

Samsung had reportedly increased their share in the market in the first quarter of 2013. Now, they are facing a problem – a good problem. Just like Apple, the South, Korea-based company has a pile of hard-earned accumulated cash. The problem? how to spend those cash.

After the revenue reports in the first quarter this year, Samsung has a 42% increase in their profit. The company said that their cash equivalent and cash increase about $40 billion at the end of the quarter.

The South, Korea-based company then paid their debts leaving a cash position of $28.5 billion or 31.2 trillion won. Their profit increase was very surprising and eye-popping. It almost tripled their net cash last year.

Samsung shares

With this, analysts are now making their conclusion and predictions. Some say that Samsung will use their accumulated cash to acquire companies to furthermore expand their business and cover more areas like medical equipments and software business. Stockholders are now seeking increase in returns, they are considering an increase in dividend which is currently %1 of the share.

According to director Willis Tsai of TIAA-CREF, they will be asking Samsung “if they plan to keep all that cash,”. TIAA-CREF manages more than $400 million shares of the South, Korea-based company.

Samsung said they will prioritize “investments sustainable for areas like facilities, R&D, and marketing that will help the company solidify or boost competitiveness”.

google smartwatch patents

Google Filed Patents for Possible Smartwatch

Google seems not just getting busy with their upcoming Google Glass but also with the rumored smartwatch.

According to a report coming from AndroidCommunity, they have seen the filed patents and evidences that seems to be a possible information for another wearable gadget project by Google which is the smartwatch.

Market for wearable gadget might go on full stream if one of it takes off, whether the Glass or the smartwatch. It has also been rumored that Microsoft is also working with their smartwatch, as well as other mobile manufacturer, and it seems like Apple is getting close too. And for the spectacles, China-based company Baidu also have their Baidu Eye.

google smartwatch patents

The said patents filed by the tech giant shows some interesting images of the possible smartwatch design and details of the hardware. Battery, radio, process, and display is detailed on the patent, too. There are things that are in the Google Glass that will also be in the smartwatch, thing like the touch controls, touch pads, etc.

Also in the patent, there is an interesting part were it mentions that the sides of the watch has a touch pad or the wristband holding the hardware. Maybe it can be used for scrolling, zooming, or selecting applications.

No details as to when it will be announced to public or go to mainstream sales. We’ll just to wait for them and watch closely as they develop the wearable gizmos of the future.

BlackBerry CEO

BlackBerry CEO Claims Tablet PCs will be Obsolete after Five Years

Tablet PCs has been quite aggressive today along with the smartphones. Some think that this technology will continue for a longer time but with during the interview of Bloomberg with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, he said that tablets will be obsolete in five years. This indicates that he is not a fan of this technology in spite of releasing their own PlayBook Tablet

This is a bold statement from the CEO of a mobile technology manufacturer which also makes tablet PCs. In BlackBerry’s history, they also joined the tablet PC market and introduced their PlayBook. It was a great hit when it debuted but just can’t stand the competition against the emerging Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Now, BlackBerry’s PlayBook is more like a bargain item.

BlackBerry CEO

For those who bought a PlayBook, some of them did not like it and switch to new devices while some became a fan and hoped for a new model that will run the latest BlackBerry 10 OS, which also run on the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphones. According to the BlackBerry executive, they will not manufacture tablet PC’s unless they can make a good profit from it. The CEO also noted that the tablet PC market is not a good sector to be in.

After the interview of Bloomberg with CEO Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry followed up a statement defending what the CEO said stating that the comments made were about the future of the mobile computing generally. They also said that they are learning more about the strategies to be used in their tablets and will share it to the public whenever it is ready.

Also in the interview, the BlackBerry CEO claimed that BlackBerry will be leading the mobile computing technology in the next five year.

smartphone market share q1 2013

Apple will Regain Profit and Share in the Coming Years According to Analyst

Android reportedly caused the drop of shares of Apple Inc. According to analysts and income reports of both companies, though Apple sold many iPads in the first quarter, their share in the tablet PC market decreased slightly and might continue this year. While Android platform together with Samsung, Apple’s greatest rival, is enjoying a huge leap of profit and increased market share.

But one analysts, Carl Howe, concluded that Apple might also cause a drop of profit and share of Android smartphones in the coming years.

In a poll conducted by the Yankee Group, they have gathered data from 16,000 which are smartphone users and fans. Half of the group owns an Android smartphone regardless of the brand, 30% owns an iPhone and only 7% owns a Windows Phone.

smartphone market share q1 2013

For those people who are planning to buy a new smartphone in the coming months, 42% are planning to get Apple’s iPhone and also 42% are opting for Android-based smartphones. The remaining are either getting a BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

With Howe’s conclusion with the results, he said “This high buying intention compared to ownership indicates that Apple will likely gain share against market leader Android within the period,”

According to Yankee, there are twice as many smartphone buyer are eyeing on iPhone in the next 6 months. Other Android-based smartphone manufacturers are showing low buying figure which means Apple will regain strength and will be victorious in the competition of smartphones.

coffee with tim cook auction

Bid for Coffee Date with Tim Cook Hits more than $200,000

Have you dreamed of talking one-on-one over coffee to the Apple’s Chief Executive? Well, it is possible if you bid on a fundraising campaign.

A fund raising campaign is now heating up online as the bids in Charitybuzz website hits more than $200,000 for a chance to have a chat with the man responsible for the operation of Apple Inc., Tim Cook.

As of 10am today in the Charitybuzz, the bidder using the name “TheiPhone911″ is currently leading with a huge bid. The auction is still on going and still has 19 more days to go or until May 14 before it closes.

The purpose of this fund raising campaign is to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights based in Washington.

coffee with tim cook auction

The date with Apple’s CEO is limited to two quest only, and winner will be screened before proceeding to Mr. Cook. The winner will also be responsible for his or her own expenses.

This is actually the first time of Mr. Cook to spare some of his time for a fund raising campaign in spite of his very busy schedule.

The RFK Centre for Justice and Human Rights is also offering date auctions with celebrities including Alec Baldwin, Robin Williams, Robert DeNiro, and etc.