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T-Mobile acquires metroPCS

T-Mobile Announces 500,000 iPhones Sold and Acquires MetroPCS

T-Mobile announced that they have sold 500,000 units of iPhones following their first quarter financial report Tuesday evening. The carrier started selling the phones on April 12 and the figures are still growing until now.

From the results of the report in the first quarter 2013, T-Mobile reported a decrease of profit compared the same quarter last year by 7 percent.

Earnings result excluding tax, depreciation, interest and amortization is $1.2 billion, down by 7.5 percent from the first quarter of 2012 but up from the fourth quarter of 2012.

On the other hand, the carrier started the second quarter with an aggressive beginning. Aside from adding the iPhone, they are also closing the deal to acquire the MetroPCS to furthermore expand their business. T-Mobile is also focusing on building their own LTE network to battle against their larger competitors.

T-Mobile acquires metroPCS

It was reported before that the new T-Mobile CEO John Legere is going to make some changes in the company, “Our first quarter operating metrics and financial results are showing positive impact…” he said in a statement.

“Things only get more exciting from here, having brought T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS together to create the wireless industry’s value leader and premier challenger.” he added.

iPhone 5 sales with Cricket Wireless not impressive

iPhone 5 sales with Cricket Wireless not impressive

Cricket Wireless selling iPhone 5 seems not popular.

Sales of iPhone 5 with Cricket Wireless is not that high as it is expected by the carrier. The smartphone sales at $500, however there is no agreement involved for this.

iPhone 5 has raised high expectations when it comes to sales. But so far, Leap Wireless is not convinced by this. For now, a prediction of $100 million worth of unsold stock is presented come this summer. On a previous 10-SEC filing, the carrier is anticipated to sell about half of its expected devices.

In 2012, the carrier signed a pledge with the iPhone maker, Apple Inc. for three years. Last month, Cricket begun marketing its smartphones. As included in the contract, Leap will have to acquire a lot of Apple phones even if they do not sell them.

iPhone 5 sales with Cricket Wireless not impressiveMoreover, Leap justifies that with the existing rate of their purchase, the company is projecting that they will buy roughly one-half of their first-year minimum purchase commitment until June of next year. He further added that if Apple will be requiring Leap to meet the yearly minimum commitment in each of the contracted three years, then their estimations would be to require a purchase of roughly $100 million of added iPhones in the middle of 2013.

The probable choices comprise of financing or leasing programs, wherein it would spread out the payments over a monthly-basis payment.

The company also considers to lower the iPhone 5 price.



MetroPCS promotes its 4G LTE plan for $55

MetroPCS promotes its 4G LTE plan for $55

There’s a new 4G LTE plan out for those who are budget-conscious consumers. MetroPCS is on the move and may hand major carriers some tough competition.

The carrier’s newest 4G LTE plan is available as a promotion, providing unlimited text, talk, and 4G LTE data with a charge of only $55 per months for one line. For a family, they can use this promotion by paying just $50 per month for the succeeding lines. The expiration date is open-ended, even though the deal is offered as a promotion.

According to Thomas Keys, the President for MetroPCS, the end of the promotion will only rely on the customers’ adoption rate, saying that setting an artificial timeline is not included in their options.

Moreover, the company affirms that individual subscribers will be able to save up to $2,200 over a two-year contract than subscribing to other carriers.