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iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

A billion-story in the making.

Rumors are now spreading for a new Apple product. Some analysts say that this will revolutionize portable players, tablets, music, and smartphones, and will change people’s view on wristwatches. A tech expert believes that this could be worth billions to the super tech giant.

According to Oliver Chen, a Citigroup analyst, the rumored iWatch of the company could be billions of opportunity for them, pulling some numbers by around $6 billion. Furthermore, he thinks that there could be even plentier than $6 billion if the tech giant creates something that is totally fresh and new just like what they had when they launched iPod.

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the futureHe noted that the watch market globally is now priced at about $60 billion every year. The $6 billion could-be oportunity for Apple only depends upon the company if they capture at least ten percent of the total market.

However, Chen is also looking for a lesser profit of about $3.6 billion for the Apple iWatch.

Chen believes that the iWatch could give the company more money rather than paying much of their attention to revolutionizing the television market.



Market shares of Apple dropped down below $500

Market shares of Apple dropped down below $500

Does the magic of Apple fade off? On September, market shares for the tech giant hit a record low just below $500 for the very first time since the month of February. The shares specifically are for iPhone and iPad units, which on the first half of September hit at $702.10. The drop was at 27 percent.

After Citigroup has lessened its stock rating, Apple dropped off to $499 in New York’s pre-market trading. This, primarily concerns the demand for the newest iPhone 5 to be slowing down.

According to Bloomberg, reporting a statement from Citigroup, the Asian suppliers of the Cupertino-based company have been stating order cuts. This in return has raised queries regarding the market strength of iPhone 5.

Apple’s ‘buy’ rate was reduced to ‘neutral’ by the bank. Also, it has cut down its price target down to $575 from the price of $675. The shares of the company are leading on to its third consecutive monthly drop with rival tech giants such as Nokia and Samsung.



google music store

Google Makes its Own Music Store Challenging Amazon and Apple

google music storeGoogle Inc. is making a web-based music store to contest with Amazon.com Inc. and Apple Inc., although the company may open up the service with no legal rights to market songs from most of the greatest record labels, reported by people knowledgeable about the matter.

As outlined by these folks, all of the major music firms have held discussions to permit their catalogues to Google for the new online store. But just the smallest, Citigroup Inc.’s EMI Group, is in close proximity to an agreement, according to them. EMI’s artists includes Pink Floyd, Gorillaz, and Katy Perry.

Not one of the three greater music firms is in close proximity to hitting an agreement, however they continue to keep discussions with Google. These companies are Sony Corp.’s Sony Music, Access Industries Inc.’s Warner Music Group and Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group.

Google is in a competition with opponents Apple and Amazon to make services that incorporate retail sales and remote music storage space, generally known as “cloud” services.

Apple Inc. is attempting to take the lead in this competition with this week’s release of iCloud, in which promises to provide a much more extensive combination of features than Amazon or Google does.

Cyber Attack Affects 1.3 Sega

Cyber Attack Affects 1.3 Sega Pass Users

Cyber Attack Affects 1.3 SegaAccording to Sega Corporation, Japanese video game developer that information belonging to 1.3 million customers has been stolen from its database, the newest in a rash of global cyber attacks beside video game companies.

Sega said in a report that names, birth dates, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords of users of Sega Pass online network members had been compromised even if payment information like credit card numbers was secure.  Sega Pass had been close down.

Yoko Nagasawa, a Sega Spokewoman said, “We are deeply sorry for causing trouble to our customers. We want to work on strengthening security,” adding it is undecided when the firm would resume Sega Pass.

The assault against Sega, a division of Sega Sammy Holdings that creates game software like Sonic the Hedgehog and slot machines, goes after other current important infringes counting Citigroup, which said more than 360,000 accounts were strike in May, and the International Monetary Fund.

The drama surrounding the current round of video game infringes paled compared to what PlayStation manufacturer Sony Corp. experienced following two high-profile attacks that surfaced in April.

Those infringes guide to the theft of account date for over million customers, creating it the biggest ever hacking of data outside the financial services industry.

Nagasawa said, Sega Europe, a division of Sega which that runs the Sega Pass network, right away informed Sega and the network customers after it discovered concerning the infringe on Thursday.

A group of hackers, Lulz Security that has opened cyber attacks against other video game compies counting Nintendo, has suddenly presented to track down and punish the hackers who broke into database of Sega.

Google Mobile Phone Credit Card

Google Plans Mobile Phone Credit Card

Reports suggest that Google is using NFC chips to trial a payment system in America.

The information say that Google is set to join forces with MasterCard and Citigroup to allow users of its Android mobile phones pay for purchases using “near-field communications” (NFC) technology.

The move corroborates recommendations created by Google when the NFC-enabled Nexus S handset launched, and would provide the search giant a reply to Orange’s UK plans to utilize Barclaycard’s technology for mobile phone ‘contactless’ payment. Apple is as well reported to be allowing for utilizing ‘NFC’ chips in its future iPhone products.

Google Mobile Phone Credit Card

“The planned payment system would allow Google to offer retailers more data about their customers and help them target ads and discount offers to mobile-device users near their stores. Google isn’t expected to get a cut of the transaction fees,” the Wall Street Journal has reported.

That approach would vary from reports concerning how Apple could put into practice its system, but no apparent details have yet came out of some preparation of manufacturer. Apps, on the other hand, might be used to allow holders of credit cards to convert their phones into mobile wallets.

A number of companies like discount site Groupon and Google, are recognized to be working on ways of creating mobile phones received extremely targeted proposes or adverts. Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chief Executive has frequently said that Google desires to get advantage of how much mobile phone recognize regarding their owners. Location data, joint with time and shopping history could be used to tailor ads, for example. Mr. Schmidt has as well spoken excitedly concerning the possible for phones to be used to create payments.

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