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Apple Should Release Low Cost iPhone According to Analysts

Last year, Apple fans were surprised when the company announced its release and priced it starting at $329. It’s more higher than the Google Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle Fire by $100 but still, the sales of the mini is enormous.

According to a study, if Apple will use this premium strategy to produce a much affordable and cheaper iPhone, they could see a dramatic increase of profit.

This week, J.P. Morgan analysts Gokul Hariharan and Mark Moskowitz studied and analyzed the prospects of a much cheaper iPhone. Already been rumored and as what the analysts are anticipating, the Cupertino, California-based company will roll out such device this year in a $350 to $400 price range. Though this price range is still high, they believe that an iPhone under $400 without a contract would be a hit in the market.

low cost iphone
According to the analysts, Apple creates a demand when makes a price band. Tablet PC price ranging from $300 to $400 had a low demand but when Apple rolled out the iPad mini, this range became one of the biggest segment in the market. This also made tablet consumers to switch to iPad minis from other brands.

They also argued that if Apple doesn’t make this move, Android devices will outrun them. Android devices are rapidly increasing or demand is getting high in a short period of time. It was also reported that Android greatly increased its share in the market while Apple decreased.

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microsoft windows smart watch

Microsoft Ordered Components for Potential Smartwatch Device

As wearable gadgets starting to build in the market, technology companies are also developing their own computing products to compete and hope to get a share in the market.

Microsoft is one of the companies that is currently reported to be working with a touch-enabled smartwatch device. According to the suppliers, they are going to compete against Apple Inc. which is already rumored to have been further developing their iWatch.

Microsoft have already requested components for their smartwatch in some suppliers in Asia. One executive from the suppliers said they already had a meeting with the Microsoft research and development team in their headquarters. But there were no details and clear news that Microsoft is going to move first before the others.

According to analyst Wanli Wang of RBS, smartphones are getting too big and having them around sometimes is a hassle, this is why there is an anticipation of the growing demand of wearable and smaller devices. “A smart watch that is compatible with a smartphone and other electronics devices would be attractive to consumers.” he added.

And according to a research conducted by Gartner, wearable gadgets is going to be a hit in 2016 with an expected $10 billion market.

microsoft windows smart watch

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla Firefox

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla Firefox

According to Jay Sullivan, the Mozilla Vice President, Apple Inc. is not too friendly to third-party browsers such as Firefox. The browser will not be available to Apple products like iPhones and iPads until the company makes a decision in loosening the restrictions for iOS browsers.

A report was presented that the rules of Apple make it so difficult for Firefox to build-up its browser on the iOS platform of Apple. Sullivan noted that the current rules are forbidding browsers that are not using the WebKit version of Apple. Additionally, the requirements of Apple’s WebKit prevent the users from setting-up or using any non-iOS app as the default way of managing a browser. The Mobile Safari of the tech giant is the top mobile browser as reported by analysts and surveys, having sixty percent share of all usage of mobile browsing.

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla FirefoxIt was in September 2012 when Mozilla pulled out its Home app from the App Store of Apple. Currently, Mozilla is not developing a Firefox version for iOS and in fact, doesn’t have any plans of doing so, Sullivan tells.

In addition to this, David Dehgahn of Dolphin Browser commented that the policy of Apple is an inhibiting competition, which is a very critical part in the company’s survival.

Mike Taylor of Opera Software also agreed by saying that giving consumers options on what browser to use is a very important move so to increase the mobile web forward. With the current system of Apple’s way of browsing, users mainly suffer.



Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

A surprisingly quiet release by Apple Inc.

Just recently, the super tech giant, Apple Inc. has quietly launched a new low-end version of the iMac. This keeps educational institutions to save over $200 from the regular model.

Apple Inc. seems to release the newer version to avoid all fanfare of its low-end iMac. The company clarified though that this new gadget is only for educational institutions. It costs at $1,099, saving up to $200 from the price of the regular version of iMac.

It is still not confirmed though when Apple has launched the new low-end iMac for educational institution consumers. However, according to MacRumors, the company seems to have released the product just recently. The new version has replaced the $999 iMac. This iMac for educational institutions was released last year.

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099This new product features a 21.5-inch screen. Its hardware has a 3.3 GHz Core i3 processor, 4GB or memory, and 500GB of storage. The user can do upgrades for $270 each — one is for custom configuration RAM and the other is storage upgrades.

This new iMac for educational instiutions can only be ordered and purchased directly by the institution itself on the Apple store. Furthermore, no students or teachers can buy this product for personal use.



Microsoft Surface Pro ad launches despite supply-constraints

Microsoft Surface Pro ad launches despite supply-constraints

Microsoft Surface Pro advertisement is out, but complaints about its supply also grows.

The recently released ad for Microsoft’s Surface Pro focuses on its business benefits such as the pen input.Of course, it also puts emphasis on how light the products is, which is two pounds only, and a good bend to the USB connectivity and touch interface. However, the ad probably won’t win over irritated consumers who cannot have the products in their hands.

While the ad is a very good promotion for the the Surface Pro, there are still a lot of consumers who complain about the product’s supply.

At the official Surface Blog, one comment stated that he already went to three Best Buy Stores and two other shops and found out that Surface Pro’s been sold out. Others noted that they wanted to trade up their iPad 4 for the Surface Pro, because it’s much lighter and bigger space of 128GB.

Microsoft Surface Pro ad launches despite supply-constraints

The new Microsoft Surface Pro has been immediately sold out both in online stores, Microsft stores and other stores selling such kind of products.

According to Microsoft’s Surface team headed by Panos Panay, the company is currently working with their retail partners who are already out of stock of the 128GB Surface Pro and restock supplies as soon as possible.

Surface Pro sold out much faster this time unlike any other Microsoft tablet/PC product. The challenging question the company is facing today is did they stock a quantity of Surface Pro tablets to cater consumers?



Sony's PS4 pricing rumors

Sony’s PS4 pricing rumors

Today, a Japanese source has reported that the upcoming PlayStation 4 of Sony will probably be introduced before December in U.S.A and Japan.

A Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun ran a story about Sony’s PS4. According to the report, there is a guaranteed pre-Christmas launching of the upcoming PS4. Sony is supposed to give confirmation about this rumor at a February 20 press conference. Additionally, an anonymous developer noted that the introduction will be only at Japan and U.S.A. Other countries would be expecting to see the new console in 2014.

Furthermore, the newspaper’s sources provided the very first hint with regard to the console’s pricing. PS4 is expected to be priced at approximately $400 in the U.S. If it’s going to be sold in the U.K., with all VAT taken into account, the PS4 will probably cost at a minimum of £310.

Sony's PS4 pricing rumors

In the condition that the expected prices are true, consumers can actually save up compared to its predecessor. PlayStation 3 was launched with a price of £425 in the U.K.

On the other hand, Sony did not give any comments on the claims about the new console’s pricing.

PS4 is designed to be the substitute for PlayStation 3 console. Rumors are saying that the PS4 device seemingly swaps PS3’s cell processor for an AMD A-Series APU, which will make it an easier-to-use program. The DualShock controllers could be replaced by a Vita-like touch-control system and at the same time a modernized motion-sensing EyeTor peripheral.



iPhone 5 sales are strong, but iPad sales could frustrate investors

iPhone 5 sales are strong, but iPad sales could frustrate investors

In 2012, Apple Inc.’s sales results were reported to be low. However, iPhone 5 was one of the best selling gadgets of last year and it was the iPad that did not have the same sales level due to supply issues.

An analyst from JPMorgan Chase & Co., Mark Moskowitz and his team has found out that the near-term constraints of Apple’s supplies in November has impacted and affected the sales of iPad.

Originally, Moskowitz has estimated that Apple Inc. would sell iPad units at 20.1 million during the month of December. But now, the current prediction is at 18.4 million iPad units. Moskowitz explained that lighter iPad units could discourage investors, but the team is believing that the “miss” is reasonable. Looking it on other angle, it was a supply issue and not about the demand.

Regardless of the strong sales for iPhone 5, some concerns are still lurking that consumers have lost their interest for the smartphone, having reports that there are weaker-than-expected sales and demand for the smartphone. On the other hand, Moskowitz and his team have lessened apprehensions, expected sales of 47.9 million for December. He also speculated that Apple Inc. is enhancing its yields for the production of iPhone 5.

Moreover, Moskowitz is also expecting that Apple’s gross margins may regain faster than most analysts are expecting and this could be an affirmative thing for Apple’s stock. Additionally,  he is anticipating that the problem will subside quicker if the component cuts are definitely connected to manufacturing yields, thus gross margins should jump back.



iPhone 5 sales are strong, but iPad sales could frustrate investors