Google Hired Veteran Game Developer Noah Falstein

Google seems to have something new under their sleeves again. This time, they are for some gaming developments. According to a report coming from TechCrunch, the tech giant hired Noah Falstein, an expert game developer, as their Chief Game Designer. With a project that requires a veteran like Noah Falstein, it could be something big.

Noah Falstein has been a long time game designer.¬† He was one of the game developers under LucasArts who developed the point-and-click games that we enjoyed before, as well as mobile and social games. He’s been in the industry for such a long time that he already understand that rise and fall of and other sectors of the gaming industry. Maybe Google wants to try something riskier with gaming and Noah Falstein and his expertise is the right guy to handle this.

Not just Apple but also Google has been in the gaming industry and platform for quite a while now. Their gaming sector became huge especially when Android OS starting taking over smartphones.

Google Noah Falstein

In an interview of Forbes’ Dave Thier with Noah Falstein years ago, the time when social and mobile gaming is just starting to grow, he mentioned that there are many game developers during the 90s where having difficulties with the change of time. Seems like they were stuck in just one game design and didn’t know how to create something new and get out of the old times.

Now that Falstein is in Google, let’s just wait and see what will he come up with or we might as well expect something big from them.