Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads

As Google Glass closes to the mainstream sales, it is inevitable that users are going to expect ads could be seen in the Google Glass as what most apps in phones have.

But as Google delivers the Glass to developers, the tech giant is encouraging them to create apps for this wearable gadget without the ads. Yes, Google is banning developers that will serve ads on this new platform.

In the Google Mirror API terms of service, it allows third-party developers to help this technology and build apps, however, Google stresses clearly that developers should not put or serve ads in the apps to the users.

In the section two of the API TOS (terms of service), it reads “No Ads. You may not serve or include any advertisements in your API Client,”

Aside from banning the ad service, another issue was raised regarding how developers are going to make money for their service in the Google Glass because Google also stated in the TOS that developers should not charge the users to install their apps.

Upon introducing this new platform, Google has already stated that they have no plans putting ads on this new device. The company is clearly more interested in making the hardware this time.

As what we think about this, it makes sense too as some ads are too distracting. If a driving user gets distracted with these advertisements, it could result to some accidents.

Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads(via: businessinsider)