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Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads

Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads

As Google Glass closes to the mainstream sales, it is inevitable that users are going to expect ads could be seen in the Google Glass as what most apps in phones have.

But as Google delivers the Glass to developers, the tech giant is encouraging them to create apps for this wearable gadget without the ads. Yes, Google is banning developers that will serve ads on this new platform.

In the Google Mirror API terms of service, it allows third-party developers to help this technology and build apps, however, Google stresses clearly that developers should not put or serve ads in the apps to the users.

In the section two of the API TOS (terms of service), it reads “No Ads. You may not serve or include any advertisements in your API Client,”

Aside from banning the ad service, another issue was raised regarding how developers are going to make money for their service in the Google Glass because Google also stated in the TOS that developers should not charge the users to install their apps.

Upon introducing this new platform, Google has already stated that they have no plans putting ads on this new device. The company is clearly more interested in making the hardware this time.

As what we think about this, it makes sense too as some ads are too distracting. If a driving user gets distracted with these advertisements, it could result to some accidents.

Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads(via: businessinsider)

Google Glass Specifications

Google Reveals Glass Specifications as it Starts Deliveries to Developers

As Google begins shipping the Google Glass Developer Edition for those developers who pre-ordered it last year, the glass maker finally revealed some of the technical specifications which seems quite powerful for a small wearable gadget.

Battery life that could last for a day, 16GB storage, 5mp camera, 720p HD video, and the most amazing feature of all – the HD display which is “equivalent of a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away”. It also uses the voice-recognition technology which is already expected, a micro-USB port used for charging, and an ability to connect over Wifi and Bluetooth through an app called MyGlass on Android smartphones.

Google chairman Eric Schmidt mentioned that he had always thought of typing for the rest of his life. He seems to be happy with this technology and we think that this will change his thoughts in having his hands in the keyboard all the time…for the rest of his life.

The Google Glass is designed to fit for anyone who uses it. It comes with adjustable nose pads in different sizes for the users convenience and a durable frame that Google said will fit in any size.

With the letter that Google sent to developers, they mentioned that they want to deliver the Google Glass to them right away and see what they can contribute and help instead of waiting for all the devices to be ready.

Google Glass Specifications

“We’ll be notifying you in waves, and as soon as we’re ready to invite you, we’ll let you know.” Google said.

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099

A surprisingly quiet release by Apple Inc.

Just recently, the super tech giant, Apple Inc. has quietly launched a new low-end version of the iMac. This keeps educational institutions to save over $200 from the regular model.

Apple Inc. seems to release the newer version to avoid all fanfare of its low-end iMac. The company clarified though that this new gadget is only for educational institutions. It costs at $1,099, saving up to $200 from the price of the regular version of iMac.

It is still not confirmed though when Apple has launched the new low-end iMac for educational institution consumers. However, according to MacRumors, the company seems to have released the product just recently. The new version has replaced the $999 iMac. This iMac for educational institutions was released last year.

Apple Inc. releases iMac for $1,099This new product features a 21.5-inch screen. Its hardware has a 3.3 GHz Core i3 processor, 4GB or memory, and 500GB of storage. The user can do upgrades for $270 each — one is for custom configuration RAM and the other is storage upgrades.

This new iMac for educational instiutions can only be ordered and purchased directly by the institution itself on the Apple store. Furthermore, no students or teachers can buy this product for personal use.



Android 4.2.2 upgrades security features

Android 4.2.2 upgrades security features

Android 4.2 Jelly Bean is now upgraded with added features.

The 4.2 Jelly Bean has been upgraded in order to improve the security of its apps. One feature it includes is the one that enables users to verify apps before the installation of the said application. Thus, this prevents harmful apps from being downloaded and installed into the gadget. An addition to this is the ability of blocking the app’s installation if it is harmful.

Android will be providing a verification if the application is trying to send SMS to a premium service short code that may add charge to the user. The user can then choose whether or not to let the app send messages or block them.

Android 4.2.2 upgrades security featuresThe newest upgrade will let the user configure VPN in a method that will not have the access to the network until the connection of VPN is strongly established. Additionally, the libcore SSl implementation is providing support for certificate pinning. Permissions have also been organized into groups. Moreover, a detailed information about the permission will be provided when the users click on it.

Furthermore, in Android 4.2.2, the applications will have export set to false by default for every content provider, usually targeted to API level 17, which sooner or later lessens default attack surface for apps. The update also lessens the probable attack surface for root privilege increase as the installed daemon does not run as the root user.

Android 4.2.2 has been customized to make use of the Open SSL for the default implementations of Cipher.RSA and SecureRandom. In addition to this, it also adds up to the SSL Socket support for TLSv1.1 and lessens default attack surface for apps. Security fixes for libpng, Open SSL, WebKit, and LibXML open source libraries.

Fred Chung of Android Developer Relations team noted that a suggested approach is to produce a truly random AES key during the first release and store that key in internal storage.



iPhone 5 sales plummeting as rumors spreading for iPhone 5S

iPhone 5 sales plummeting as rumors spreading for iPhone 5S

iPhone 5 sales are plummeting even more as the results from a Jefferies analyst is shown. The sales are falling much faster than what the analysts have expected.

Peter Misek noted that the Cupertino-based tech giant has cut down their production of iPhone 5 to thirty million from an original plan of forty million. For the month of March, Apple Inc. is said to be cutting the production of their sixth generation smartphone.

With the production cuts, Misek is speculating that this slow down may be because Apple Inc. is making way for the rumored iPhone 5s production.

iPhone 5 sales plummeting as rumors spreading for iPhone 5S

Furthermore, the seventh generation iPhone gadget could be launched early on this summer. There are also rumors that Apple Inc. will be coming up with fun colors for this next iPhone. Additionally, the company is also speculated to release a less expensive iPhone produced from plastic at the price of $300.

While Apple is not making any comments about this, which the company always do in any upcoming event or gadget, rumors suggest that the next iPhone could be featuring organic light emitting diobes (OLED) technology.




Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

On Tuesday, a person familiar with Apple Inc.’s plans, said that the Cupertino-base tech giant has a 100-team performing tests on the rumored wristwatch device that is said to function some of the tasks that a computer does, as well as what the iPad and iPhone do too.

The 100-person team of Apple Inc. is composed of product designers, managers, hardware and software engineers, and members of the marketing group. The team was formed last year and is said to have worked on previous projects such as the iPad and iPhone.

The wristwatch-like device of Apple Inc. still remains to be private. According to the sources who requested not to be named, the size of the team is suggesting that the company is already farther on the phase of experimentation.

Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook faces a sort of burden from the company’s shareholders. The company has experienced a decrease in stock of over thirty percent since a September high in the midst of plummeting sales growth and tight rivalry from competitors like Samsuung Electronics Co. If Apple won’t produce another innovative gadget that charges a higher price, then the investors are driving the company to give back more cash.

Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

A former Apple employee and now a technology consultant, Bruce Tognazzini noted that the rumored iWatch will fill a wide hole in the ecosystem of Apple. He further added that with the other innovations done by the company, its value will be underestimated at launch, then grow to have an intense effect on people’s lives and providence to Apple.



LifeProof releases new accesories and frē Case colors for iPhone 51

LifeProof releases new accessories for iPhone 5

Today, the award-winning maker of all-protective and everyday cases for tablets and smartphones, LifeProof announced that the new cases and accessories for iPhone 5 are now available in the market.

Accessories and cases for iPhone 5 will give its users the freedom to just take their phone everywhere without having to worry about its safety.

Users of iPhone 5 can now do their own stuff while bringing the device such as biking, or using fitness apps on the run. If you are working at a hospital, in school, or at a construction, then you don’t have to worry because you’ll have full access to all the functions and features of the gadget with the weather, dust, shock, and sticky fingers to compete with.

LifeProof’s frē Case for iPhone 5 is now available with new colors. These frē cases for iPhone 5 are recognized as water proof, snow proof, shock proof, and dirt proof. It has a smooth design that is providing full access to every function of the gadget.

LifeProof releases new accesories and frē Case colors for iPhone 51

The new colors for frē Case for iPhone 5 include magenta, flat dark earth, and cyan.

There are also new accessories for iPhone 5. It includes floating LifeJacket and Car Mount, Belt Clip, Armband/Swimband, and Bike&Bar Mount. With such accessories, iPhone 5 users can now do whatever they want while bringing their iPhone 5.