YouTube will Launch Paid Subscription Channels this Week

It has been reported before that the biggest online video site, YouTube, is going to have paid subscription channels and according to the recent news, they are going to launch this program in this week.

This paid service by YouTube is said to include about 50 channels. If this would grow successful, this number could increase in no time.

According to the people familiar with the matter, a single channel subscription only cost $199 a month. YouTube also confirmed this news to CNET that they have been working on with this project though they did not mention any time frame when it will be available to the public.

youtube paid subscriptions

This service could be another source of revenue by the site owned by the tech giant, Google, this will also allow operators with channels to finance their TV shows, movies and etc from the subscriptions, beyond ads and rentals thay YouTube currently offers.

Again, YouTube did not mention a specific launching date and stressing that they had “nothing to announce”. They are more into developing this platform to provide great content for the users to enjoy and allow YouTubers to also generate revenue from their projects.