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youtube paid subscriptions

YouTube will Launch Paid Subscription Channels this Week

It has been reported before that the biggest online video site, YouTube, is going to have paid subscription channels and according to the recent news, they are going to launch this program in this week.

This paid service by YouTube is said to include about 50 channels. If this would grow successful, this number could increase in no time.

According to the people familiar with the matter, a single channel subscription only cost $199 a month. YouTube also confirmed this news to CNET that they have been working on with this project though they did not mention any time frame when it will be available to the public.

youtube paid subscriptions

This service could be another source of revenue by the site owned by the tech giant, Google, this will also allow operators with channels to finance their TV shows, movies and etc from the subscriptions, beyond ads and rentals thay YouTube currently offers.

Again, YouTube did not mention a specific launching date and stressing that they had “nothing to announce”. They are more into developing this platform to provide great content for the users to enjoy and allow YouTubers to also generate revenue from their projects.

google smartwatch patents

Google Filed Patents for Possible Smartwatch

Google seems not just getting busy with their upcoming Google Glass but also with the rumored smartwatch.

According to a report coming from AndroidCommunity, they have seen the filed patents and evidences that seems to be a possible information for another wearable gadget project by Google which is the smartwatch.

Market for wearable gadget might go on full stream if one of it takes off, whether the Glass or the smartwatch. It has also been rumored that Microsoft is also working with their smartwatch, as well as other mobile manufacturer, and it seems like Apple is getting close too. And for the spectacles, China-based company Baidu also have their Baidu Eye.

google smartwatch patents

The said patents filed by the tech giant shows some interesting images of the possible smartwatch design and details of the hardware. Battery, radio, process, and display is detailed on the patent, too. There are things that are in the Google Glass that will also be in the smartwatch, thing like the touch controls, touch pads, etc.

Also in the patent, there is an interesting part were it mentions that the sides of the watch has a touch pad or the wristband holding the hardware. Maybe it can be used for scrolling, zooming, or selecting applications.

No details as to when it will be announced to public or go to mainstream sales. We’ll just to wait for them and watch closely as they develop the wearable gizmos of the future.

google stops meebo bar

Google Stops Operation for Meebo Bar to Focus on Google+

Google plans to shut down in June the Meebo Bar for receiving and sharing personalized content from websites in favor of Google+ tools for interaction between websites and users.

Google is planning to stop the further developments of the Meebo Bar to focus more in enhancing the Google+ tools.

Google acquired the company that made Meebo in June 2012. Aside from the Meebo toolbar that it has, they also incorporated it with advertisements, and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Meebo also has their own IM application in desktop and smartphones.

After the acquisition of Meebo, the tech giant stopped the developments of the Google Talk Chatback widget in July. This widget allows webmasters to embed it in their sites or blogs so they can interact with the visitors while on the site. Before stopping the operation, Google announced this saying “It’s now outdated, so we’re turning off Chatback and encouraging websites to use the Meebo bar,”.

google stops meebo bar

And after years of service by Meebo, it is time for it to rest and retire. According to Google’s announcement, it will stop the operation on June 6. The team working on with Meebo will be doing another tasks focusing more in the development of Google+ which is getting more and more popular today.

According to the team, though Meebo bar will be stopped, they are still going to continue some of its functions and “bring community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites,”.

facebook and parse

Facebook Acquires Parse for $85 Million in Cash and Stock

The social network giant, Facebook, just acquired a new small company again as a part of its aggressive growth.

The company is the cloud service firm, Parse, a provider of developer tools for apps in different mobile platforms. Facebook announced this acquisition and confirmed it in their blog today. According to TechCrunch, the deal was closed at around $85 million in cash and stock.

With this move of Facebook, it is not only focusing from being a social network but a business service provider as well.

Parse is responsible for the toolbox of utilities used in developing apps and allowing it to integrate directly to the social network giant.  For instance, an app made with Parse would work on any mobile platforms such as iOS devices, Android devices, Windows Phones, and works the same as Facebook app.

facebook and parse

This will allow Facebook to eliminate the competition with established app stores. Basically, the Facebook App will work on any mobile platform without having to contest in Google Play or iTunes.

People at Parse should be happy with this deal. The cloud service company had raised $7 million in capital since the start of operation and the $85 million acquisition deal is an excellent exit for the founders which was reported to be former Yahoo and former Google techs.


Google Acquires Wavii for $30 Million

Google continues to be aggressive making their company even bigger. Recently, they acquired Wavii, a company that developed a news app that summarizes news into fewer lines making it more quicker to read.

According to the people knowledgeable about the deal, Wavii, a Seattle-based company was acquired by the tech giant with the amount close to $30 million

Apple Inc. was actually the first who is interested in acquiring Wavii. They want to incorporate the company’s app to Siri. But Google also came interested with Wavii and outbid the Cupertino, California-based company. These came from the sources who refused to be recognized as the deal is not announced in the public yet.


Before Google acquired Wavii, Yahoo already acquired the app called Summly, a news summarization app who was only developed by an 18-year-old boy from London. The deal was also around $30 million and company gets to hire the young developer.

Both Google and Yahoo maintained news sites that are hugely trafficked by all over the world and they are both in a competition in this matter. With the interviews of the developers, both Wavii and Summly, they also acknowledged that they are really in the news app competition.

Russian BadNews Bug Android

Russian BadNews Bug on Google Play Apps Rack Up Cash from Users

LookOut, a security firm, has just uncovered 32 apps in the Google Play store that contained a Russian bug called BadNews.

Android smartphones that installed these apps were used to accumulate cash through charges without letting the users know by sending text messages on premium numbers.

According to the security firm, these apps were done nicely because it lays on the smartphones for a couple of weeks to avoid detection from the security servers before getting active and rack up some cash.

Most of these apps were downloaded and installed on android users in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, and some parts of the Eastern Europe.

The apps were divided by four developer accounts on Google Play. Google has already blocked these accounts and deleted all the apps that were affected in the store. The tech giant did not release any comments about the bug yet.

This strategy of the Russian bug was only apprehended when an app affected with the BadNews bug prompted the control servers and command. It was pushing out more apps and keeps installing malicious softwares such as AlphaSMS, the app that was responsible for racking up cash from the owners.
Russian BadNews Bug Android

Google Glass on eBay

Google Glass Bids on eBay Reached $95,300 Before Seller Realizes Restriction of Resale

With Google’s introduction of their new wearable hardware, they held a contest in February giving an opportunity for the winners to have the first batch and try the the Google Glass. But being a winner of this contest is not always an upside. Google is also asking $1,500 for the spectacles and the privilege of being a “Glasshole”. But the positive side is they are going to be the first who can have the Google Glass and get to try them before it reaches mainstream sale.

But there is this one student who also won the contest that came up with an idea of auctioning his Google Glass before receiving it to pay his loans.

“Ed from Philadelphia”, name can’t be released because the student is scared of some harassment possibilities from Google fans, listed the Glass on eBay with a starting bid of $5,000 – if it sells, that’s quite a profit already. He didn’t have the Glass yet but he noted and showed a tweet from Google that he won the contest and will have the Google Glass. Within four days, the bid got as high as $95,300. But after seeing the TOS (terms of service) from the first batch who received their glass, he then realized that he can’t sell his spectacles and voluntarily turned down the listing.

After listing the glass on eBay, no one even from the tech giant contacted him and told him about the resell matter.

The TOS reads ‘If you resell, loan, transfer, or give your device to any other person without Google’s authorization, Google reserves the right to deactivate the Device, and neither you nor the unauthorized person using the Device will be entitled to any refund, product support, or product warranty.”

According to Eric Goldman, a legal expert, the manufacturer cannot control the resale of the products they already sold, however, if the product contains exclusive softwares and control switches, they can legally prohibit resale.

Google Glass on eBay