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T-Mobile acquires metroPCS

T-Mobile Announces 500,000 iPhones Sold and Acquires MetroPCS

T-Mobile announced that they have sold 500,000 units of iPhones following their first quarter financial report Tuesday evening. The carrier started selling the phones on April 12 and the figures are still growing until now.

From the results of the report in the first quarter 2013, T-Mobile reported a decrease of profit compared the same quarter last year by 7 percent.

Earnings result excluding tax, depreciation, interest and amortization is $1.2 billion, down by 7.5 percent from the first quarter of 2012 but up from the fourth quarter of 2012.

On the other hand, the carrier started the second quarter with an aggressive beginning. Aside from adding the iPhone, they are also closing the deal to acquire the MetroPCS to furthermore expand their business. T-Mobile is also focusing on building their own LTE network to battle against their larger competitors.

T-Mobile acquires metroPCS

It was reported before that the new T-Mobile CEO John Legere is going to make some changes in the company, “Our first quarter operating metrics and financial results are showing positive impact…” he said in a statement.

“Things only get more exciting from here, having brought T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS together to create the wireless industry’s value leader and premier challenger.” he added.

pentagon grants clearance for samsung and apple

Pentagon will Grant Approvals for DoD Employees to Use iPhones and Samsung Smartphones

The two largest smartphone maker and great rivals Apple and Samsung is soon to be cleared and granted security approvals by the Pentagon so they can be used by the employees of Department of Defense. The Pentagon is prepping so Samsung smartphones and Apple’s iPhone can access their system.

According to reports and people knowledgeable about the matter, the Department of Defense will see the security approvals in the coming weeks for the Galaxy smartphone line by Samsung, iPhones and iPad tabs by Apple Inc.

The Department of Defense’ security clearance is particularly for Apple’s previous software iOS 5 and the iOS 6 which is currently being used by most iPhones and iPads. iOS 5 however is subject to hardware modification and will only be given a clearance “as needed”.

This approval that will be given to the employees of Department of Defense will require Apple and Samsung a strict security assessments. Apple shows confidence with their current security for iOS. Encryption in their iMessage app is said to have a tight security strong enough to prevent DEA.

We have reported before that iPhones and iPads are already used in some government agencies and military divisions but the certification from the headquarters of US Department of Defense will control the use of these devices and will only allow these in more critical areas.

On the other hand, Samsung is also making some actions in further developing the security in their smartphones so they can be suitable for government employees and business use. The smartphone manufacturer is reported to currently developing a rugged model of the recently released Galaxy S4 so usage in outdoor activities will not be a problem – this would be suitable for soldiers on the field.

pentagon grants clearance for samsung and apple

facebook free call android

Facebook Free Call Extends to Android

The most popular social network is now expanding and enhancing their site adding more interesting features for the users.

Facebook introduced free voice call for the iPhone users that lets them call their pals on the social network, and now they are extending it to Android users. This feature uses the messenger app and can call through internet connections, WiFi, 3G and 4G.

Three months after rolling out the feature on iPhones, the social networking site introduced the feature to Android smartphone users in the US. It is anticipated that by Friday, users will be flooding using this great feature. Facebook said that no updates needed for the Messenger app to use the feature.

In the conversation, you can immediately use the feature by tapping the “i” button then the “free call” button to call the other user that you are talking to.

For those who have tried this feature on iPhones, they say is sounded fuzzy and the quality is poor. However, we are expecting that it won’t be the same with the android smartphones. But no matter what the quality is, it could be very useful for those who are saving voice minutes.

facebook free call android

iPad 5 backlight

iPad 5 to Sport Modified LED Backlights to make it Thinner and Lighter

With the fast growing rumors of the upcoming iPad 5, another reports are adding that Apple will be using new LED backlights to make the full-sized iPads more light and thinner.

According to NPD Display Search, they are anticipating the fifth-generation of Apple tablet will be sporting the modified LED that will make the tablet more effecient. The Cupertino, California-based company is also rumored to change their touch sensor with a much thinner film to make the tablet thinner as possible.

According to analyst Paul Semenza, the much thinner design of the iPad 5 will likely use a much smaller or maybe modified LED for backlight.

iPad fans is widely anticipating that the latest iPad will have a designed same with the iPad mini. Supported with the leaked photos of the rumored iPad glass covers which had different measurements compared to the previous models.

With the advancing display technology, analyst said that the iPad 5 will not sport the more efficient IGZO display panels. However, Apple is rumored to have been preparing for this since 2011. In recent reports, the following idevices this year could sport the IGZO panels specially in iPhones and iPads.

iPad 5 backlight

3m liquid indicator

Apple Agrees to Pay $53 Million to Settle Warranty Practices

Apple is reported to pay a settlement regarding warranty practices. The Cupertino, California-based company is said to agree with the class action suit and plans to pay a huge amount costing up to $53 million in total to owners of Apple devices such as iPod Touch and iPhones that Apple did not recognize under the 1-year protection plan.

Based on the report from Wired that acquired a copy of the said agreement with Apple, Noreen Krall, the Apple Counsel, signed the settlement and will proceed to the California federal court in the following weeks.

In the litigation, complainants claim that Apple refused to replace and repair their devices which were regarded to be broken or damaged as a result from water contact. For some that didn’t know, each apple device has an indicator for liquid contact placed at the end of the headphone jack. This indicator is white when it is dry but turns to pink or reddish color when getting in contact with water or any liquid substance.

Under the Apple protection policy, the product warranty could be voided due to damages caused by water but according to 3M, the manufacturer of liquid indicator, humidity could cause false positive results.

3m liquid indicator

US Department of Defense iOS devices

US Department of Defense Orders 650,000 Devices from Apple

The United States Department of Defense will be ordering 650,000 units of devices from Apple to replace BlackBerry devices that they are currently using. The reason for this is that the old devices that they have now is not compatible with the latest BlackBerry 10 OS after the sequester is done.

The details of the orders that the US Department of Defense is going to order are 120,000 units of iPads, 100,000 units of iPad mini, 200,000 units of iPod Touch, and 210,000 units of iPhones. In an interview with Electronista, they said that half of these devices that they ordered will go to the battlefield, support commands, and etc. Remaining units will be in the Pentagon.

There are 470,000 units of BlackBerry devices used daily in the Department of Defense. Not even one of these devices have the latest BlackBerry 10 OS due to the reason that the reserved funds for updating to the new OS has been taken by the sequester. The government agency estimated that 8 million units of smartphones will be employed in the next three years. Some of these devices had different prices because they have been modified to handle classified data from the government. They can go as high as double or quadruple from the original price.

US Department of Defense iOS devices

With the US Department of Defense’ plan of implementing a new mobile plan, they are anticipating the the BlackBerry devices will not be compatible to handle such. The plan will help the DoD smartphone users from the soldiers to the chiefs share classified data even more easier and smoother. This plan of the government followed when they announced that RIM will not have an exclusive contract anymore to supply them devices.

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla Firefox

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla Firefox

According to Jay Sullivan, the Mozilla Vice President, Apple Inc. is not too friendly to third-party browsers such as Firefox. The browser will not be available to Apple products like iPhones and iPads until the company makes a decision in loosening the restrictions for iOS browsers.

A report was presented that the rules of Apple make it so difficult for Firefox to build-up its browser on the iOS platform of Apple. Sullivan noted that the current rules are forbidding browsers that are not using the WebKit version of Apple. Additionally, the requirements of Apple’s WebKit prevent the users from setting-up or using any non-iOS app as the default way of managing a browser. The Mobile Safari of the tech giant is the top mobile browser as reported by analysts and surveys, having sixty percent share of all usage of mobile browsing.

Apple iOS browser restrictions affect Mozilla FirefoxIt was in September 2012 when Mozilla pulled out its Home app from the App Store of Apple. Currently, Mozilla is not developing a Firefox version for iOS and in fact, doesn’t have any plans of doing so, Sullivan tells.

In addition to this, David Dehgahn of Dolphin Browser commented that the policy of Apple is an inhibiting competition, which is a very critical part in the company’s survival.

Mike Taylor of Opera Software also agreed by saying that giving consumers options on what browser to use is a very important move so to increase the mobile web forward. With the current system of Apple’s way of browsing, users mainly suffer.