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microsoft windows smart watch

Microsoft Ordered Components for Potential Smartwatch Device

As wearable gadgets starting to build in the market, technology companies are also developing their own computing products to compete and hope to get a share in the market.

Microsoft is one of the companies that is currently reported to be working with a touch-enabled smartwatch device. According to the suppliers, they are going to compete against Apple Inc. which is already rumored to have been further developing their iWatch.

Microsoft have already requested components for their smartwatch in some suppliers in Asia. One executive from the suppliers said they already had a meeting with the Microsoft research and development team in their headquarters. But there were no details and clear news that Microsoft is going to move first before the others.

According to analyst Wanli Wang of RBS, smartphones are getting too big and having them around sometimes is a hassle, this is why there is an anticipation of the growing demand of wearable and smaller devices. “A smart watch that is compatible with a smartphone and other electronics devices would be attractive to consumers.” he added.

And according to a research conducted by Gartner, wearable gadgets is going to be a hit in 2016 with an expected $10 billion market.

microsoft windows smart watch

Google Smartwatch

Google Develops Their Own Smartwatch

Every one in the tech industry is not flourishing by just inventing and developing new gadgets, they are also looking closely in the market, their rivals, and what they are developing. If you want to succeed, then compete with the ones on the top in the market, develop your own, surpass them and get the win.

A spreading rumor and a couple of reports from big online news networks are suggesting that Google’s Motorola Mobility is going to compete with other companies and develop their own smartwatch. According to the reports, this smartwatch is going to be a good match with an Android smartphone. For the Android smartphone fans, this is going to be phenomenal.

Not just Google but seems many are quite confident that this smartwatch that they are currently developing could be sensible since it is developed by the Motorola Mobility unit. Reports also suggest that the Google smartwatch or maybe Android smartwatch could be released after summer ends.

On the other hand, Lee Young Hee, Samsung’s VP confirmed that they are currently developing a smartwatch of their own, which could be a big hit since Samsung is quite a good competitor in the tech industry, too.

Google Smartwatch

He did not mention any more details regarding the smartwatch such as the release date but they are definitely planning for the launch. It could be this summer, too, or before Apple release their own smartwatch that others say, the iWatch.

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

A billion-story in the making.

Rumors are now spreading for a new Apple product. Some analysts say that this will revolutionize portable players, tablets, music, and smartphones, and will change people’s view on wristwatches. A tech expert believes that this could be worth billions to the super tech giant.

According to Oliver Chen, a Citigroup analyst, the rumored iWatch of the company could be billions of opportunity for them, pulling some numbers by around $6 billion. Furthermore, he thinks that there could be even plentier than $6 billion if the tech giant creates something that is totally fresh and new just like what they had when they launched iPod.

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the futureHe noted that the watch market globally is now priced at about $60 billion every year. The $6 billion could-be oportunity for Apple only depends upon the company if they capture at least ten percent of the total market.

However, Chen is also looking for a lesser profit of about $3.6 billion for the Apple iWatch.

Chen believes that the iWatch could give the company more money rather than paying much of their attention to revolutionizing the television market.



Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

On Tuesday, a person familiar with Apple Inc.’s plans, said that the Cupertino-base tech giant has a 100-team performing tests on the rumored wristwatch device that is said to function some of the tasks that a computer does, as well as what the iPad and iPhone do too.

The 100-person team of Apple Inc. is composed of product designers, managers, hardware and software engineers, and members of the marketing group. The team was formed last year and is said to have worked on previous projects such as the iPad and iPhone.

The wristwatch-like device of Apple Inc. still remains to be private. According to the sources who requested not to be named, the size of the team is suggesting that the company is already farther on the phase of experimentation.

Apple Inc.’s Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook faces a sort of burden from the company’s shareholders. The company has experienced a decrease in stock of over thirty percent since a September high in the midst of plummeting sales growth and tight rivalry from competitors like Samsuung Electronics Co. If Apple won’t produce another innovative gadget that charges a higher price, then the investors are driving the company to give back more cash.

Apple Inc. to have a 100-people team for upcoming iWatch

A former Apple employee and now a technology consultant, Bruce Tognazzini noted that the rumored iWatch will fill a wide hole in the ecosystem of Apple. He further added that with the other innovations done by the company, its value will be underestimated at launch, then grow to have an intense effect on people’s lives and providence to Apple.



Rumored Upcoming Apple iWatch

Rumored Upcoming Apple iWatch

Over the weekend, there are rumors spreading for an upcoming Apple gadget tagged as the Apple iWatch.

According to reports from The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, the Cupertino-based tech giant is already on the process of examining archetypes of its next accessory. The reports say that the rumored device will be running an iOS version closely integrated with that of the iPhone.

Features of the rumored iWatch included calendar and email alerts, caller ID, map navigation, Siri integration, mobile payment support, and app notifications. It is also rumored that Corning, the Gorilla Glass manufacturer, will be supplying the device’s glass based on its latest bendable Willow Glass.

According to the report from The New York Times, Apple Inc. is currently on its experimentation of its wristwatch-like gadgets made of curved glass. The watch is expected to operate on iOS platform like other Apple devices. People familiar with the situation stated that this upcoming device will make it outstanding from its rivals.

Rumored Upcoming Apple iWatch

Moreover, the company is also rumored to have talks with the parent company of Apple supplier Foxconn, Hon Hai Precision, on the production strategies needed to manufacture the said gadget. This is after Apple has hired a lot of people who are experts in sensors and other elements vital to wearable computers.

According to an analyst from Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray, if this rumor is true, then the introduction of iWatch has the possibility to change the future of mobile computing. He further noted that such iWatch concept could sooner or later substitute the need of screen from a tablet or a smartphone. It could also significantly modify the size and cost of future gadgets, wherein it could let Apple target both emerging and developed markets.