Microsoft Ordered Components for Potential Smartwatch Device

As wearable gadgets starting to build in the market, technology companies are also developing their own computing products to compete and hope to get a share in the market.

Microsoft is one of the companies that is currently reported to be working with a touch-enabled smartwatch device. According to the suppliers, they are going to compete against Apple Inc. which is already rumored to have been further developing their iWatch.

Microsoft have already requested components for their smartwatch in some suppliers in Asia. One executive from the suppliers said they already had a meeting with the Microsoft research and development team in their headquarters. But there were no details and clear news that Microsoft is going to move first before the others.

According to analyst Wanli Wang of RBS, smartphones are getting too big and having them around sometimes is a hassle, this is why there is an anticipation of the growing demand of wearable and smaller devices. “A smart watch that is compatible with a smartphone and other electronics devices would be attractive to consumers.” he added.

And according to a research conducted by Gartner, wearable gadgets is going to be a hit in 2016 with an expected $10 billion market.

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