Check Out eBooks from 11,000 Libraries Through Amazon Kindle

amazon kindleAmazon announced today that their Kindle can now check out books from the 11,000 libraries across the country. It’s a very simple process when doing this, simply browse to the website of the local library of your choice, enter your library card number and “send to Kindle”, then enter your Amazon information. The ebooks can then be transmitted through the wireless technology or even the use of a flash disk, any device do this too including iPhone and Android gadgets as long as it has an Amazon software.

Most titles of the books should be available on the device for two weeks – the availability will vary from library to library – after that period of time, they will disappear. Amazon executive Jay Marine, called libraries a “critical part of our communities,” in a press release and framed that the Kindle will be the next natural step for library lending.

“We’re even doing a little extra here – normally, making margin notes in library books is a big no-no,” according to Marine, “But we’re fixing this by extending our Whispersync technology to library books, so your notes, highlights and bookmarks are always backed up and available the next time you check out the book or if you decide to buy the book.”

According to the city librarian for The Seattle Public Library, Marcellus Turner “This is a welcome day for Kindle users in libraries everywhere and especially our Kindle users here at The Seattle Public Library…”

“We’re thrilled that Amazon is offering such a new approach to library e-books that enhances the reader experience.” He also added.