iPhone 5 Coming Out this Year

Just when Apple released the New iPad, every body turned their attention into this New iPad. Now, majority almost forgot about the iPhone 5 rumor so let’s get back and see if this is really true and will be released this year or not.

Apple has only just released the new iPad, but a post from iMore is calling every body’s attention again about the iPhone 5 or 5.1. They previously reported that the Cupertino, California-based company is working on reducing the traditional dock into something like a smaller version of micro-dock so there will be more space for other elements, same thing that Apple did in 2010 were they changed the sim to a micro-sim.

They also reported that Apple is sticking with their traditional screen size of 3.5 inches for the new version of iPhone, but this was not sure because it could get a bit bigger, though not as big as the latest Android phones that reaches up to a whooping 4.5 inch or more.

Here are some informations regarding the new iPhone 5.1:

4G LTE compatible – This might not come as a big surprise to every one since their latest tablet already supports LTE, and though a possibility but Apple might not give away this feature to the New iPad without letting their new iPhone have a touch or feature this one too. We can expect for that this fall.

They reported that this October 2012 will be the target date release schedule for the iPhone 5.1 but that is not sure too, it is still a plan. It will not be determined as of now but maybe a couple of months prior to the kick-off.

And to date, in every release of a new iOS, it comes along with a new version of iPhone so maybe if they release the iPhone 5.1, it might carry the iOS 6 which is already making a rumor in the blocks.

So there you have it. If this rumor is not true, Apple will still release a new version of their iPhone no matter what the schedule is. That is already expected.