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Mobile Websites: The Future of Business Websites

To any business, a mobile website is as important as a website itself. More and more users have begun to look for solutions on the go, and it is likely that this population would soon surpass conventional desktop visitors. This phenomenon could turn out advantageous to regional businesses, especially, which focus on providing locality-based services and solutions because almost a third of the local searches are done on mobile devices.

But the commonly misunderstood notion about a mobile website is that it is as good as a regular website, resized to fit into a smaller screen. That is not going to be of much help because the browsing conditions are very different on a mobile device than on a desktop. Some of the most important reasons are,

1. Mobile devices are used on the verge of making decisions.

2. The screen real estate is relatively smaller.

3. Sites optimized for mobiles are given priority on mobile searches.

The real problem lies not in realizing how important a mobile website is; it is to create a mobile website. Not everyone has the expertise required to build a business website and also optimize it for mobile devices. Professionals who offer these services come with a price tag that not everyone can afford. How then will emerging businesses that direly need a website, get it done?

That is where free website builder, Zoho Sites, come in. Zoho Sites empowers users to set up beautiful websites for their businesses, without having to write even a single line of code. It is ideal for small businesses that don’t have the monetary bandwidth to hire top-notch designers and developers to get their business website going. It lets you create a business website and a mobile optimized version, effortlessly. You build the regular website by dragging the visual elements into place, and the mobile website is generated automatically. When your visitors look you up on a mobile device, they are directed to the mobile-optimized version automatically, so there is no separate URL to remember.

So, HTML and other technology should not stop anyone from creating a business website that is optimized for mobile devices as well. Create your own business website today.

LG to take over webOS from HP

LG to take over webOS from HP

The webOS software found a new home.

The famous webOS software of Hewlett-Packard is already sold to LG Electronics, a South Korean electronics company.

On Monday, the deal was announced by HP, which has gotten the company off of the centerpiece of its unfortunate purchase of $1.8 billion for Palm Inc. three years ago.

In 2011, HP used webOS as the facilitator into the tablet computer and smartphone market as well. However, the company immediately got rid of the mobile devices that runs on the software along with the failing revenues. As a result, HP decided to stop the development of the webOS for its own products and to give away the principal technology as open-source software for programmers everywhere in order to change for their personal necessities and prerequisites.

LG to take over webOS from HPOn the other hand, LG Electronics has larger plans for the software. Primarily, the webOS will be combined with a new line of Internet-connected televisions from the company. If this event becomes successful, then LG will consider selling household appliances and other gadgets running on webOS. The main concept of LG is to create a so-called “smart” home.

Moreover, along with the commitment of LG to webOS, the team of engineers who had been working on the software for HP will also be acquired by the company. However, it is not known if LG will also take over of the team’s offices or will move them to other locations.

Hewlett-Packard’s stocks recently dropped thirteen cents to close at $19.07.



iPhone 5 takes fifth place in U.S. consumer satisfaction survey

iPhone 5 takes fifth place in U.S. consumer satisfaction survey

On Monday, results from a recent survey presented that iPhone 5 ranks as the fifth placer in customer satisfaction.

The survey was conducted by OnDevice Research, a mobile device research group, wherein they asked about 320,000 tablet and smartphone users from six different countries on how they are contented with their devices. In the poll, 93,825 people from U.S.A. said that Motorola Atrix HD is the most satisfying and Droid Razr from Motorola got the second rank. For the third rank, Rezound 4G of HTC Corp. and next to it is Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2. It is a surprising note that iPhone 5 from Apple Inc. got the fifth rank, where the company is a well-known giant in the mobile market.

iPhone 5 takes fifth place in U.S. consumer satisfaction survey

From the survey, it appears that the tech giant Apple may be falling behind when it comes to consumer satisfaction. According to Sarah Quinn from OnDevice Research, even though Apple has built up one of the most groundbreaking gadgets for the last ten years, other device-makers have already picked up with the pace. Some manufacturers have Android-powered gadgets that is now dominating on higher levels of consumer interest and satisfaction.

Regardless of the low rankings of iPhone 5, outlook is not that bad for Apple. Like for example, in the U.K., Apple’s iPhone 5 tagged second place with HTC One X for the first spot.
One interesting note to take into consideration is that Apple got top spots for overall consumer satisfaction compared to other mobile devices like from Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc., HTC Corp., Google Inc., Sony Ericson and Nokia Corporation.


New Playing Options to Top for Upcoming PS4

New Playing Options to Top for Upcoming PS4

There will be new playing options for  the upcoming PS4.

According to a source who had talks with Japan-based news outleet, Sony’s rumored PS4 is designed to turn the product into a “living room nerve center.”

Although there are rumors that the PlayStation 4 is something more of a driving force for graphics, there are reports saying that upgrades will be set aside in favor of the more agreeable new playing options. With this, the company will probably plan in creating a mass of new options for playing for its anticipated next console to be revealed on Febraury 20, as rumors say.

For the past few weeks, Sony have been afflicted by rumors that they will be releasing the major upgrade to its PS3. The company is said to have the upgrade included with an eight-core AMD processor and some other key hardware updates. On the other hand, other reports suggest that if the company provides updated and higher-powered components in PS4, then they will not be focusing on the new playing options.

New Playing Options to Top for Upcoming PS4

What do gamers expect with the rumored new playing options?

According to Nikkei’s source, the new console will have the capability to connect with mobile devices and share data across two devices. It has been Sony’s strategy to include multiscreen efforts in its component. One example is their PlayStation Vita which can sync up with PS3 to be able to create dual-screen gaming.

In addition to this, Sony is also speculated for planning PS4 to turn into a so-called nerve center for home entertainment.

Well then, let’s just wait and see until February 20, the rumored date of the revelation of Sony’s PlayStation 4.


Samsung vs. Apple still on fire in EU

Samsung vs. Apple still on fire in EU

Today, Samsung Electronics Co. has restrained attempts in seeking sales bans on its biggest competitor Apple Inc. on the company’s iPad and iPhone in Europe with the use of patents associated with wireless standards. This is a step looked into as an effort to calm down regulators who are investigating the use of Samsung to those particular patents.

This move has been brought upon by the heels of a refusal from a California judge to block sales of a lot of mobile devices of Samsung that a jury found to have infringed a number of Apple patents just this summer.

These developments are the current symbols that the two tech giants arguing over the patents of their mobile devices, facing a very rocky road in getting the rival products pulled from the shelves.

Such rulings are being used by legal participants in putting pressure to their opponents. This is sometimes to gain achieve influence in settlement negotiations.



Mobile Website

Want a Surge in your Business? It’s Time to Create a Mobile Website

The internet; it has not only changed our world, but the way we do business as well. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we make sure that we do everything in our power to tap into this vast goldmine of potential customers; thereby, not only increasing profits, but our dominance in the market as well.

In recent years, many businesses worldwide have started focusing on mobile web development, and the reason is pretty simple—if you want to expand your reach, you got to be where the world is heading! That’s right, smartphones have literally outrun PC’s and laptops when it comes to accessing the internet; therefore, you need to pay attention to mobile web development for your business if you want to beat the competition.

So how do you actually go about it?

This is a question that most upcoming entrepreneurs think when it comes to developing a mobile website. And contrary to what some people might have you believe—“No, mobile web development doesn’t always cost a bomb”

In fact, the availability of software called mobile website builder has made it increasingly easy for people to come up with stunning mobile websites—and that too—at a fraction of the cost that you would have to incur if you were to hire a professional developer.

Now let’s take a look at why it’s important to have a mobile website in the first place…

# Target your audience on the go

The world has become a pretty busy place lately, and if you really want to reach your audience you really need to reach them where they are most likely to access the internet from—their smartphone and other mobile devices. Therefore, it is important that your website is compatible with mobile devices and users are easily able to access it. This would ensure that you are effectively targeting your audience no matter they are going to office, are at the gym or lazing around on the beach.

# Delivering a positive user experience

If you have not invested to create  mobile website yet, just because you think that your existing design, that has been designed for desktops is good to go—Then you are wrong and really need to get the facts right.

Of course, your existing website might be great for desktops; but not so, when it comes to mobile devices, i.e. if you haven’t spent time to make it compatible. And the reason is quite simple, mobiles have smaller screens and as of yet—not as powerful as desktops; therefore, your website needs to fit into the screen precisely and should load fast. Failing which, you would have delivered a negative user experience and could lose out on potential business.

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and therefore it’s important that you keep up with it if you want your business to grow and attract more consumers. And if you still haven’t created a mobile website– it’s time you did so. After all, you really wouldn’t want your competitors to walk away with the pie!

iPhone and Google close rivalries in market share for Q3

iPhone and Google close rivalries in market share for Q3

A report from the research firm IDC, the Android software for mobile devices of Google was running on 75 percent of shipped smartphones during the third quarter, at the same time as it is leading over its biggest rival Apple.

The iOS of Apple widely used in its iPhones only ranked second with a market share of only fifteen percent. The new iPhone did not come out until late in the third quarter. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics Co. and other makers of Android had major launches earlier.

According to the report of IDC, gains came largely at the expense of Symbian and BlackBerry phones. Last year, Android had 58 percent compared to Apple’s iPhone at 14 percent.

The research manager for mobile phones at IDC Ramon Llamas stated that Android has been one of the primary growth engines of the smartphone market since it was released way back in 2008, and since that time, Android has efficiently surpassed the market and has taken the market share from the big competition it is in.