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Andrew Brackin

PayPal Co-founder Peter Theil Offered $100,000 to British Teen to Help Create a Company

Paypal co-founder and Tech tycoon Peter Theil has offered Andrew Brackin, a British teen, with $100,000 to help in creating a technology firm but with a condition that he has to attend a university in San Francisco for two years.

The British teenager is one of the youngest businessman to offered with cash. Brackin have gone through rounds of thorough tests in the 2013 Theil Fellowship. The offered cash is to aid in setting up Bunchy, a program to be used for charities to raise money using the popular social networks. Andrew Brackin will also receive assistance and authority from other participating tech companies such as SiIlicon Valley and San Francisco businessmen.

Andrew Brackin

The British teen has already an experience and records of helping setting up companies. Before receiving the offer from the Theil Fellowship, Andrew Brackin co-founded a marketplace which now have 100,000 users and designers. He also helped run the Tomorrow’s Web – an event for technologists.

The Theil Fellowship was started in 2011 headed by tech tycoon Peter Theil, also a co-founder of the online transaction site PayPal. This fellowship’s aim is to help young people acquire high or alternative education.

“When we created the fellowship more than two years ago, our intention was to help a small number of creative people learn and accomplish more than they might have otherwise. ” Peter Theil said.

facebook typosquatters

Facebook Earned $2.8 Million in a Lawsuit Against Typosquatters

Facebook recently faced a trial against typosquatters and earned victory. For those not familiar with the word “typosquatters”, they are people who are using names close to a popular name that possibly cause a confusion. In the lawsuit with Facebook, they are people who are registering domain names that are very close to a very popular site causing confusion to users and make money from it.

The Northern California District court ruled giving the win to the popular social networking site. Through this decision, Facebook earned a significant amount costing up to $2.8 million and takes control of those registered domains. In history, this favor for the social network site is the first big firm to win a case under the United States Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act.

facebook typosquatters

Here are the domains that were included in the case: gfacebook.com, facebooll.com, faacebok.com, dacebook.com facegbook.com, facebokook.com, and many more. If you notice, those extra letters are really close to the letters of the word “facebook” in the keyboard and typing those domains unintentionally is really possible when you are doing it very quickly.

According to the ruling of the U.S. District court, many of these domain names were registerd in bulk by just a single name or owner. One of such is “newgate” who registered around fifty domain names.

Craig Clark, the social network’s associate general counsel then released a statement saying that they very happy with the ruling. “We will continue to use all the tools at our disposal to enforce against those who attempt to take advantage of the people who use our service.” he added.

(image via: marketingland)

bittorrent sync

BitTorrent Introduces Free Alternative of Cloud Service to Public

The peer-2-peer file sharing company, BitTorrent, have shared their latest data-synchronizing technology in the public for a free test.

The developers of BitTorrent uses the basic p2p sharing technology to send infos between users and eliminating the use of cloud services.

Yes! this sync technology eliminates the use of third party servers or cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox which have been aggressively leading in this service.

According to an analyst, the service would appeal to individual users for private use but not with big companies.

The San Franciso-based, eight-year old company, BitTorrent, is a firm that offers products free for use for every users. It developed a technology that makes sharing of large files easy and quick to send through the internet.

bittorrent sync

BitTorrent have been linked to piracy a couple of times already because of sharing media but the company itself is legal. They make money by having a license in its technology and brands to customers.

They have already started testing their new invention at the beginning of the year. It is still in alpha category which means it is not yet stable. But they announced through a blog post inviting the users to try it out.

It is free to download so why not give it a shot?

Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads

Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads

As Google Glass closes to the mainstream sales, it is inevitable that users are going to expect ads could be seen in the Google Glass as what most apps in phones have.

But as Google delivers the Glass to developers, the tech giant is encouraging them to create apps for this wearable gadget without the ads. Yes, Google is banning developers that will serve ads on this new platform.

In the Google Mirror API terms of service, it allows third-party developers to help this technology and build apps, however, Google stresses clearly that developers should not put or serve ads in the apps to the users.

In the section two of the API TOS (terms of service), it reads “No Ads. You may not serve or include any advertisements in your API Client,”

Aside from banning the ad service, another issue was raised regarding how developers are going to make money for their service in the Google Glass because Google also stated in the TOS that developers should not charge the users to install their apps.

Upon introducing this new platform, Google has already stated that they have no plans putting ads on this new device. The company is clearly more interested in making the hardware this time.

As what we think about this, it makes sense too as some ads are too distracting. If a driving user gets distracted with these advertisements, it could result to some accidents.

Google Says Glass will not Serve Ads(via: businessinsider)

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

A billion-story in the making.

Rumors are now spreading for a new Apple product. Some analysts say that this will revolutionize portable players, tablets, music, and smartphones, and will change people’s view on wristwatches. A tech expert believes that this could be worth billions to the super tech giant.

According to Oliver Chen, a Citigroup analyst, the rumored iWatch of the company could be billions of opportunity for them, pulling some numbers by around $6 billion. Furthermore, he thinks that there could be even plentier than $6 billion if the tech giant creates something that is totally fresh and new just like what they had when they launched iPod.

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the futureHe noted that the watch market globally is now priced at about $60 billion every year. The $6 billion could-be oportunity for Apple only depends upon the company if they capture at least ten percent of the total market.

However, Chen is also looking for a lesser profit of about $3.6 billion for the Apple iWatch.

Chen believes that the iWatch could give the company more money rather than paying much of their attention to revolutionizing the television market.



Shenzhen Proview Technology

Apple Agrees to Pay $60 Million to Chinese Company for “iPad” Rights

China has been an important market for Apple, making it as the second largest after the United States in the growth of the Cupertino, California-based firm.

A court made an announcement on Monday that Apple has agreed to settle a dispute against Shenzhen Proview Technology for $60 million just to officially hold the brand “iPad” in China.

The Cupertino, California-based company has difficulties in selling their popular tablet, iPad, in their second largest market because a Chinese company already holds the name ipad since 2001.

Apple had claimed that they already acquired the rights to officially hold the brand “iPad” in 2009 but authorities in China said the rights were not transferred. In the December, a court in China announced that Shenzhen Proview Technology still holds the right of the brandname, and the company is requesting authorities to stop the sales of iPads in China.

“Apple Inc. has transferred $60 million to the account of the Guangdong High Court as requested in the mediation letter.” according to Guangdong High People’s Court. The said dispute has officially ended.

According to the company lawyer of Proview, they hoped a bigger amount that would reach $400 million in total but they were pressured to take the money right away as they have to settle some debts.

Decreasing Consumer of Microsoft

Decreasing Consumer of Microsoft

Is it true that Microsoft consumer is getting low pinch by pinch as Apple slowly or maybe quickly dominating the technology market?

Five years ago, Microsoft claimed a total profits of $14.398 billion and reported an income of $6.589 billion. A week ago, the company’s sales revenue was $17.407 billion and reported a profit of $6.374 billion – that is just a slight decrease which can be or might be recovered in the coming months. Microsoft is still expanding, although not speedy. And they are truly generating less money.

In comparison with Apple, Five years ago they reported a total revenue of $7.1 billion and claimed a profit of $1.0 billion – the very first quarter with the biggest profit in company history. Last quarter, the company reported a total revenue of $47 billion and recorded $13 billion in profit – that is quite serious increase in profit with just 5 years.

It might be not comparable on the surface but it entails that something is happening. Apple has entirely dominated the technology market, while most of Microsoft’s progress nowadays is produced by the venture aspects. It appears that Apple is slowly crushing Microsoft and maybe not only Microsoft, as well as other competitors as a consumer technology company.

Microsoft is still generating a big amount of cash though as how the “billions” sounds from the consumer goods. But the reported quarterly firgures from Microsoft last week show what is gradually happening: the company is changing into an enterprise company.

Everybody got all thrilled that the Windows section really were able to improve last quarter. For the reason that much wider PC market continues to be at a standstill and Windows 8 is under screening, anticipations were very low. 4% increase was viewed as a big win.

However Microsoft in its entirety saw 6% increase from year to year when it came to sales revenue. It was not Windows alone causing the growth, it was the Servers & Tools Division which had 14% growth and Business Division which had 9% growth – as mentioned, it was the enterprise aspect of Microsoft.