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iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the future

A billion-story in the making.

Rumors are now spreading for a new Apple product. Some analysts say that this will revolutionize portable players, tablets, music, and smartphones, and will change people’s view on wristwatches. A tech expert believes that this could be worth billions to the super tech giant.

According to Oliver Chen, a Citigroup analyst, the rumored iWatch of the company could be billions of opportunity for them, pulling some numbers by around $6 billion. Furthermore, he thinks that there could be even plentier than $6 billion if the tech giant creates something that is totally fresh and new just like what they had when they launched iPod.

iWatch to profit $6 billion in the futureHe noted that the watch market globally is now priced at about $60 billion every year. The $6 billion could-be oportunity for Apple only depends upon the company if they capture at least ten percent of the total market.

However, Chen is also looking for a lesser profit of about $3.6 billion for the Apple iWatch.

Chen believes that the iWatch could give the company more money rather than paying much of their attention to revolutionizing the television market.



RIM offers $10k for developers creating app for BB10

RIM offers $10k for developers creating app for BB10

RIM or Research in Motion, the maker of Blackberry, started its Blackberry Jam Americas 2012 tour with a blast by launching a redesigned store for its App World and providing an incentive of $10,000 for developers.

The company has once became the leader in the lucrative smartphone market. But when Apple and Samsung entered the picture, it has fallen behind yet still desires to get back on the phase as they are introducing the new Blackberry 10 platform and smartphones.

The American leg of Blackberry started at San Jose, California on Tuesday with an audience of more than 1,500, most of it were developers. The event began with the announcement of a redesign of the phone’s app store. It also made a tempting offer to the developers and shared information regarding the upcoming Blackberry platform.

The app store is now referred as App World and is redesigned to have features like selling movies, TV shows and music, which makes it more like the App Store of Apple and Google Play.

Moreover, to attract and keep developers, RIM introduced the 10k Developer Commitment. It is a deal in which the developer creates an app for Blackberry 10 and gets it approved by the Built for the BB program until January of next year. The developer gets to earn a minimum of $1,000 within twelve months.


Sony's Tablet S

Sony’s Tablet S is $100 Cheaper

Sony's Tablet SI hope anyone haven’t grabbed Sony’s elegant Tablet S Android slate ahead of the holidays, simply because it is currentlya very nice $100 less expensive.

Beginning today, the Tablet S today starts at $399 for the 16gb model and $499 for the 32gb model, undercutting iPad 2 products with a full Benjamin. Sony is additionally hurling in 5 free PlayStation Classic titles, 180 days of the Music Unlimited service, along with ‘tokens’ and downloads free of charge from the Video Unlimited store.

The price cut, may very well be too little far too late for Sony’s tablet products – especially when it appears to have been intentionally moved into a position following the holiday shopping season. Evaluations have discovered the Tablet S being well-designed, yet in any other case a reasonably standard Android tablet. Months from now, Tablet S from and dual-screen Tablet P from Sony must deal with Apple’s iPad 3, along with latest Android tablets operating Android 4.0 or “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

According to Sony, the Tablet S will probably be enhanced to Ice Cream Sandwich OS at some time.

The Tablet S is 9.4-inch primary iPad rival, featuring a somewhat curved style that looks like a rolled magazine, and apparently makes it much simpler to carry using one hand.

The Tablet S is operated with a dual-core Tegra 2 CPU and features a 5mp rear camera.


OTA TouchPad Carries webOS 3.0.2

HP-TouchPad-may-get-webOS-3.0.2-update-this-week-new-apps-performance-tweaks-en-routeHP has started shoving out its OTA TouchPad update as anticipated, carrying webOS 3.0.2 to the 9.7-inch tablet.  The latest firmware boosts performance and dependability, HP claims, in addition to boosting attachment rendering speed in the email app and jerking how punctuation is automatically added in when you type words like “can’t.”

There are as well speed boosts to the calendar app, streamlining the process when adding new events and searching through existing appointment.  Album art in the music app is re-hopped and there is apparently less possibility of hopping when the 1.5 GHz dual-core processor is filled elsewhere.  Likewise the photo/video viewer presentation has been stabilized, and you could now set desktop wallpaper directly from the gallery.

OTA update must not delete some of your data as it works its magical; if you desire to recognize precisely what will happen, HP has laid out the entire information.