Cloud Computing with Office 365, Introduced by Microsoft

Office 365Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft said, “What happens when Microsoft Office meets the cloud?”

You get Office 365.  CEO Steve Ballmer endorsed latest cloud product of Microsoft at an occasion in New York City.

It places applications including Outlook, Excel and Sharepoint into an online format, which means users could access the software from any device that links to the Web.

The service is a big move to defend Microsoft Office, the most profitable product of the company.

Samara Lynn of said, “Microsoft is targeting Google. Google Apps and Google Documents and make no mistake they are targeting it hard and they are already entrenched in business. Microsoft already has business. So this is a big deal for Google.”

Mr. Ballmer made it clear they want to appeal to little and averaged businesses.

Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft said, “We developed a wide range of service plans that are designed to meet the needs of a variety of companies of different size. With Office 365, businesses can simply pay a monthly subscription at a price they can predict and afford or they can connect office software that they own already with the Office 365 service. Their choice. “

The service costs between $2 and $27 per user, per month depending on the features.

However, Google has a flat rate of $50 each year.

Microsoft will stock up users’ data on its servers.  But Microsoft will as well permit companies to place data on dedicated servers, or keep the data on the individual premises – a method to mollify security concerns.

Samara Lynn said, “There is a lot of businesses, specific businesses that do have some security concerns: your doctor’s office, your dentist’s office, your accountant. The government requires these businesses to comply with certain regulations to protect our information which we want.”

Even as Google might have a head start, Microsoft with its billion plus office users throughout the world as a base, surely means business.