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mozilla ceo gary kovacs

Mozilla CEO Gary Kovacs Steps Down, Mozilla Announce Changes of Staff and Promotions

After working for two years with Mozilla, the most popular internet browser and open source software company, CEO Gary Kovacs will step down from its position.

The Mountain View-software company is a non-profit firm but has a for-profit arm said in a blog post that Gary Kovacs steps down but will stay on the board.

Mr. Kovacs started working with Mozilla in October 2010, succeeding and continuing the efforts of the former CEO John Lilly, who also stepped down from its position to join the Greylock Partners. Gary Kovacs already had a good background with mobile platforms before becoming the CEO.  He was also an executive in Adobe and Sybase.

With his knowledge in the mobile platform, he helped Mozilla toward mobile operating system and headed the company with several commercial partnerships such as Samsung and other companies.

Also in the blog post, aside from Gary Kovacs’s step down, they also stated some changes in the staff such as Mitchell Baker becoming the Executive Chair, Jay Sullivan becoming the COO, Li Gong, the president of Asia operations, becoming the SVP of mobile devices, and Harvey Anderson becoming the SVP of legal affairs.

mozilla ceo gary kovacs

LG to take over webOS from HP

LG to take over webOS from HP

The webOS software found a new home.

The famous webOS software of Hewlett-Packard is already sold to LG Electronics, a South Korean electronics company.

On Monday, the deal was announced by HP, which has gotten the company off of the centerpiece of its unfortunate purchase of $1.8 billion for Palm Inc. three years ago.

In 2011, HP used webOS as the facilitator into the tablet computer and smartphone market as well. However, the company immediately got rid of the mobile devices that runs on the software along with the failing revenues. As a result, HP decided to stop the development of the webOS for its own products and to give away the principal technology as open-source software for programmers everywhere in order to change for their personal necessities and prerequisites.

LG to take over webOS from HPOn the other hand, LG Electronics has larger plans for the software. Primarily, the webOS will be combined with a new line of Internet-connected televisions from the company. If this event becomes successful, then LG will consider selling household appliances and other gadgets running on webOS. The main concept of LG is to create a so-called “smart” home.

Moreover, along with the commitment of LG to webOS, the team of engineers who had been working on the software for HP will also be acquired by the company. However, it is not known if LG will also take over of the team’s offices or will move them to other locations.

Hewlett-Packard’s stocks recently dropped thirteen cents to close at $19.07.