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smartphone market share q1 2013

Apple will Regain Profit and Share in the Coming Years According to Analyst

Android reportedly caused the drop of shares of Apple Inc. According to analysts and income reports of both companies, though Apple sold many iPads in the first quarter, their share in the tablet PC market decreased slightly and might continue this year. While Android platform together with Samsung, Apple’s greatest rival, is enjoying a huge leap of profit and increased market share.

But one analysts, Carl Howe, concluded that Apple might also cause a drop of profit and share of Android smartphones in the coming years.

In a poll conducted by the Yankee Group, they have gathered data from 16,000 which are smartphone users and fans. Half of the group owns an Android smartphone regardless of the brand, 30% owns an iPhone and only 7% owns a Windows Phone.

smartphone market share q1 2013

For those people who are planning to buy a new smartphone in the coming months, 42% are planning to get Apple’s iPhone and also 42% are opting for Android-based smartphones. The remaining are either getting a BlackBerry or Windows Phone.

With Howe’s conclusion with the results, he said “This high buying intention compared to ownership indicates that Apple will likely gain share against market leader Android within the period,”

According to Yankee, there are twice as many smartphone buyer are eyeing on iPhone in the next 6 months. Other Android-based smartphone manufacturers are showing low buying figure which means Apple will regain strength and will be victorious in the competition of smartphones.

Apple Inc. to Lose Top Ranking in a 2013 Forbes' List

Apple Inc. to Lose Top Ranking in a 2013 Forbes’ List

Apple Inc. faces another problem.

After all of the recent dilemmas in stocks, the popular super tech giant Apple Inc. falls from the top spot in the list of Forbes’ “World’s Most Admired Companies.” The publication will be released later within this week in its list of 2013 rankings.

Brad Chases, a contributor for Forbes, have written on the change of the rankings. To quote what he has written:

“The company isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. But the value of the once-invincible brand is teetering on the edge of a long, steady drop. Apple’s well-documented approach to fostering a virtual community and establishing an open and transparent dialogue with its customers has been one of the leading drivers in its success. And now it is the cause of its inevitable demise.”

Apple Inc. to Lose Top Ranking in a 2013 Forbes' ListFurthermore, the conrtibutor added that the complete success of the company seems to be drifting away in a lot of ways. Past issues such as glitches, high prices, and missed deadlines were just mere nuisance for the tech giant.

On the other hand, an annual shareholders’ meeting was held by Apple Inc. on Wednesday. The company confirmed that they will be releasing new products for 2013.

Apple Inc.’s shares were up to 1.40 percent at $449.27.


BlackBerry Z10 boosts in stock

BlackBerry Z10 boosts in stock

BlackBerry Z10, the recently released smartphone from RIM, had its latest boost in stock after Chief Executive Officer Thorsten Heins stated that the new BB Z10 are off to a good start in Canada, its hometown.

On Wednesday, Heins noted in a keen statement that the new smartphones had a record-high on its very first day of release in Canada. BlackBerry Z10 sales surged to over fifty percent. This figure is better compared to any launches they had for BlackBerry phones in the same country. In the U.K., the demand is also high with its sales three times better compared to its last record of sales in the said nation.

This is a very good manifestation that there’s a huge demand waiting for the new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone. Users of BlackBerry had waited patiently for the launch date despite the delays.

BlackBerry Z10 boosts in stockAs a result, the shares of BlackBerry has increased by six percent on the launch day. It increased more up to thirty percent after the release.

On the other hand, there are still some tech experts and analysts who believe that it’s still too early to rely on BB’s sales surge, after it has been quite slow for awhile before the BB Z10 release. Moreover, BlackBerry still needs to make sure that the demand for the device won’t slow in the following days and months in order to post a change in its smartphone business.


Apple Needs to Adapt to New Markets

Apple Needs to Adapt to New Markets

A former Chief Executive Officer says that Apple Inc. has to make renovations to its supply chain in order to sustain demand for inexpensive smartphones in emerging markets.

According to John Sculler, former chief executive officer, as the market for handsets, which includes the company’s iPhone, becomes overloaded in developed areas like Europe and U.S.A., the company will gradually depend on development in emerging markets and this includes India.

Furthermore, Sculley noted that Apple Inc. has to become accustomed to a very “different world” right now. The former CEO said that as the industry goes from $500 smartphones to even as low as some other companies, you have to considerably start afresh regarding the supply chain and how to make such products and make it profitable for a company.

Reports are showing that Apple’s shares are not on its “normal” rates as before as it fell to its lowest price in eleven months in New York the other day. Nikkei also reported that the new iPhone 5 scaled on a weaker-than-expected demand. While there seems to be nothing wrong with the newest smartphone, the difference between the said product and those of its rival Samsung has shrank.

On the other hand, Sculley has given a good note to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook for being a good example of a right leader because of the leader’s expertise when it comes to supply-chain aspect.


Facebook on the rise after announcing missteps in mobile

Facebook on the rise after announcing missteps in mobile

On Tuesday, Facebook Inc. rose after CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that he’s dealing with the slip-ups that have made it difficult to obtain the advantages of mobile advertising.

According to an interview with Zuckerberg, Facebook is now doing a mobile company, confirming that for the next three to five years the biggest query on everybody’s minds is the factors that will determine on how well the company’s performance is with mobile.

The California-based Facebook Inc.’s shares have increased to about 4.8 percent. This is said to be because of the alleviated concerns on the ability of the company to produce sales from consumers who are highly using handheld devices for socializing.

An analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co., Colin Sebastian remarked that Zuckerberg’s struck an upbeat tone which indicates that his company is making development in the mobile world.

Zuckerberg elaborated that they have undergone technical struggles, hampering Facebook from creating a mobile application that is user and advertiser-friendly. The CEO added that the biggest mistake they had was betting too much with HTML5, which did not do well with their goal to enter mobile. But, the young CEO affirmed that Facebook is currently doing steps in strengthening its capacities for its users.