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7-inch Eee Pad tablet

Photos of 7-inch Eee Pad Tablet Leaks

7-inch Eee Pad tabletA picture apparently exhibiting ASUS‘ 7-inch Eee Pad tablet, allegedly set to launch at CES 2012 in a few days, has appeared, together with ideas that the scaled-down slate can borrow the removable battery-keyboard form-factor from the Transformer Prime. The picture, captured by NotebookItalia, reveals a machine quite definitely in step with the Prime’s aesthetic, and much different from what we have witnessed from the Eee Pad MeMo also anticipated within this month.

Nonetheless, it is uncertain whether ASUS promises to bring 2 units [the 7-inch tablet and 7-inch MeMo] to CES, or whether or not one of the designs have been cancelled completely. The Eee Pad MeMo was initially introduced as a glasses-free 3D slate, and then seemingly faced the axe right after setbacks, and lately was reported to be showing up, sans-3D, in the first quarter of 2012 handling Ice Cream Sandwich.

Whether or not this picture could be the final style and design, an imitation throughout the creative procedure is uncertain. The docking port at the base could possibly suggest that a netbook-style keyboard-dock may be out of the question – though ASUS could possibly have an even more standard dock just like Samsung offers, without having the folding joint and into which the 7-inch Eee Pad tablet docks vertically.

Sony's Tablet S

Sony’s Tablet S is $100 Cheaper

Sony's Tablet SI hope anyone haven’t grabbed Sony’s elegant Tablet S Android slate ahead of the holidays, simply because it is currentlya very nice $100 less expensive.

Beginning today, the Tablet S today starts at $399 for the 16gb model and $499 for the 32gb model, undercutting iPad 2 products with a full Benjamin. Sony is additionally hurling in 5 free PlayStation Classic titles, 180 days of the Music Unlimited service, along with ‘tokens’ and downloads free of charge from the Video Unlimited store.

The price cut, may very well be too little far too late for Sony’s tablet products – especially when it appears to have been intentionally moved into a position following the holiday shopping season. Evaluations have discovered the Tablet S being well-designed, yet in any other case a reasonably standard Android tablet. Months from now, Tablet S from and dual-screen Tablet P from Sony must deal with Apple’s iPad 3, along with latest Android tablets operating Android 4.0 or “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

According to Sony, the Tablet S will probably be enhanced to Ice Cream Sandwich OS at some time.

The Tablet S is 9.4-inch primary iPad rival, featuring a somewhat curved style that looks like a rolled magazine, and apparently makes it much simpler to carry using one hand.

The Tablet S is operated with a dual-core Tegra 2 CPU and features a 5mp rear camera.