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amazon 3d smartphone

Amazon Developing 3D Smartphone Without Using Glasses

Amazon.com Inc. is reportedly developing some enhancements for their Kindle devices to compete more with the leading tab manufacturers Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

According to the poeple knowledgeable about the matter, the e-commerce company has recently been working on array of new devices including smartphones and audio streaming devices to broaden their reach beyond their tablet computers.

One of the smartphones that they currently working features a screen that allows 3D effects without having to use a glass. With “retina-tracking” technology, images will appear like a hologram and seems floating above the screen. According to sources, users can also navigate the smartphone using their eyes.

amazon 3d smartphone

These projects of from the Seattle-based e-commerce firm is not new anymore and has been publicized. In 2012, news came out that they are developing their own smartphones, and just last month, media outlets reported that Amazon is working on a movie-streaming device.

These devices are due to roll out this year as part of the company’s goal but people familiar with these projects advised that these gadgets could not directly compete with the leading manufacturers due to financial concern, performance and other matters.

LG Optimus F5 qtranslate

LG Optimus F5 Hits Market Starting in Europe on April 29

LG’s Optimus F5 will finally hit the market after it was unveiled in the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

The new smartphone of LG will start in the Europe market on April 29. It will also be introduced on Monday in France. After the release in Europe, other continents such as Asia, India, South and Central America will also follow after a few weeks.

LG boasts the smartphone’s enhanced UI experience and their very own advanced LTE technology. LG also extended the battery life without sacrificing the size with its 2,150mAh. And just like any other smartphones, it also feature a 4.3-inch IPS screen supported by the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Dual-core processor. The physical size is 126 x 64.46 x 9.30mm and has a microSD slot that can support up to 32gb of memory.

LG Optimus F5 qtranslate

The LG Optimus F5 already has the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.1.4 OS. It also has a feature called QSlide that lets the user activate multiple applications such as games and music at the same time and control the size and transparency of each window. It also comes with a video editor that can also be incorporated with music.

And here’s a very nice feature that it has, the QTranslator! This feature can translate sentences, phrases, and words. Just scan the text with the camera and it will do the magic. It supports 44 languages and can translate them in 64 languages.

android tabs v ipad

Apple’s iPad Share in the Market Drops while Android Tabs Increased

Apple Inc. finally posted their first quarter earnings on Tuesday showing a drop of profits.

Gates are opened and market research firms are making their own analysis about the results of the tablet and smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2013. The Cupertino, California-based company managed to sell many iPads in the first quarter, however, it just cant stop the increasing growth of the much lower cost Android tablets. This caused the drop in profits and market share of Apple Inc.

With Apple’s earning announcement, they stated that they have sold 19.5 million units of iPads in the first quarter this year. This result is quite huge already accounting for the 48.2% of the total market share in tablet computers. This is quite impressive already since Apple only has two models of iPad playing in the market, the full-sized iPad and iPad Mini, but this figure is a huge drop compared to the results in the first quarter in 2012. From 63.1% of the total tablet market share to 48.2% this year.

android tabs v ipad

For the Android platform, the tablets accounted for the 43.4% of the total shipments this quarter. This is a huge leap from the results last year from 34.2%.

And Microsoft’s Windows RT and Windows 8 platforms are starting to make a name from this quarter, too. Despite a bumpy start, it made a good 7.5% in the total market share from 0% last year.

facebook home logo

Facebook Home Hits 500,000 Downloads in Just 5 Days

It would appear that Facebook Home has just surpassed 500k downloads on Google Play since launching on the platform five days ago on April 16. The app’s Google Play listing notes the milestone, and Ben Evans confirmed on Twitter.

Facebook seem to be successful with its Facebook Home software for android platforms. Since it’s launch 5 days ago, April 16, it surpassed the 500k-download milestone on the Google Play listing.

Just to be clear, Facebook Home is not an app but a UI (user interface) software. Its aim is to be at the center of your social network life through your android smartphone. With this software installed in your phone, you can see updates right from Facebook and your friends in the screen without having to unlock the phone, and you can send messages without the disturbing prompts in the center of the screen.

With the figures of total downloads, some say users are not all into the Facebook Home software. Maybe, just out from curiosity they tried the new software.

There are also claims that this is not true since downloads averages 100,000 a day since it launched. But when compared to other app such as Instagram, 500k in 5 days is not surprising or a blow-out. Instagram hits 1 million in one day when it became available in Android. That is blow-out figure.

Considering that Facebook has billions of users around the world, 500,000 downloads is just a fraction. But in defense, the software is only available to high-end smartphones only; HTC One X+, HTC Once X, Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, and the Facebook Home optimized-HTC First.

But remember, Facebook owns Instagram.

facebook home logo

samsung touchless interface

Samsung Working on Touchless Interaction with Phones and Tablets

With the tech market getting aggressive, particularly in the tablet and smartphone sectors, technologies from the tech giants and manufacturers are evolving in a fast pace making gadgets that are more convenient and easy to use.

This time, Samsung, one of the most aggressive mobile manufacturer is currently working on a new technology and had teamed up with the researchers at the University of Texas. They are working on a project that involves an EEG (electroencephalogram) cap and the human mind to control smartphones and tablets.

At this stage, the on-going project is very complicated according to the researchers. They say this technology targets people with disabilities for them to use mobile phones and tablets. According to Samsung, they are also interested in other input methods.

With some test with the participants, the accuracy of the this EEG cap system is around 80 to 95 percent. This is quite high already and seems to be closing to success. Participants are able to choose from the selections on the tab on an average of every five seconds. With the current input method, EEG cap, which is intrusive if you use it in every life, researchers have to develop a new EEG cap design that will look normal or approachable.

There were no statements yet from the researchers and Samsung that they are getting close to success but the tech giant seemingly wants to take this new invention to mainstream market.

samsung touchless interface

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Slated to Release Galaxy S4 Mini on July

Samsung seems to be getting aggressive in the market with its constant release of high performance smartphones and cool features. After releasing Samsung Galaxy S3, they followed with Galaxy S3 mini which became a good hit in the market specially for those people who are on a budget but wants a powerful smartphone.

Earlier, the South Korea-based company released the Galaxy S4 which pulled some quite attention in the world with its powerful functionalities. It competed with the other top of the line phones such as iPhone.

According to reports, this strategy of Samsung could trigger another competition for budget phones. We believe that Apple will also compete in this category which is why they are rumored to release budget iPhones this year or next year.

With the expected release date of the Galaxy S4 mini, rumors suggest that it will be delayed and could be announced on July. There are no clear reports about this but we will keep you updated whenever changes come in.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini features:
4.3 HD Display
8mp rear-facing camera
Android 4.2.2 – Jelly Bean software
TouchWiz Nature UX UI
single sim variant will have a quad-core processor
dual sim variant will have a dual-core processor

Toshiba Kirabook

The Toshiba Kirabook Could Stand Out in the Market

Smartphone and tablet PC market gets aggressive that it resulted to the decline of desktop PC’s and laptops this year by 7.3%. With the release of Windows 8 machines, it did not get a huge appeal from the mass, maybe it needs a powerful hardware too to steal some attention.

With this, Toshiba brings you the Kirabook in their “Kira” line of laptops.

The Kirabook is the first luxury ultrabook of Toshiba in their Kira line. Looking closely, somehow you can say it gets an inspiration from Apple’s Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. Toshiba’s design has never been this good ever since.

The Toshiba Kirabook somehow has a profile same with the Air and manages to have the 2560×1440 retina quality touchscreen display. By just the look of it, it could be a great competitor with the best laptops available today in the market.

With the specifications of this luxury ultrabook, you will have an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and 8gb of memory. It also comes with a bundle of full versions of Adobe products such as Premiere Elements and Photoshop Elements. Apple has Applecare, Toshiba comes with it too with a 2-year support and service package.

In terms of pricing, Kirabook with Core i5 starts at $1,599,
Core i5 with the touchscreen technology starts at $1,789,
Core i7 with Windows Pro starts at $1,999.

Toshiba Kirabook

Reports suggest that it will be out in the market on May 5.

According to the representatives of Toshiba, they don’t expect that their new ultrabook will be a great hit and could be the best-selling laptop considering the niche of the product. However, this product is a clear statement that this company is also capable of making competitive hardwares.