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European Commission

EU Backs Apple in Patent Infringement Case Against Motorola

The European Union anti-trust officials backed the Cupertino, California-based company, Apple Inc. against a patent case filed by Google’s Motorola. The EU officials said that Motorola is abusing their position, being the market leader in Germany for smartphones. Motorola filed a patent infringement case against Apple for some mobile phone functions.

The EU have already came with a preliminary view after the investigation opened on April, last year. According to them, these actions of Google’s Motorola “amounts to an abuse of a dominant position prohibited by EU anti-trust rules.”

Joaquin Almunia, the EU Competition Commisioner, said in a statement that intellectual property protection is a foundation of every company for innovation and growth. “But so is competition.”

European Commission
“I think that companies should spend their time innovating and competing on the merits of the products they offer not misusing their intellectual property rights to hold up competitors to the detriment of innovation and consumer choice.” he added.

Last month, Motorola also filed a patent claim against Apple and threats to block the imports of their devices in the United States but the US International Trade Commission tossed it out.

In the claim, the Google-owned company accused Apple of infringing a patent technology that ignores hand or finder gestures on the screen whenever the phone is in the ear for calls.

nexus 5

Leaked Photo of a Smartphone, Product of Collaboration between Google and LG

EvLeaks, a very respected site showing leaks of the upcoming devices, has again released a photo of another smartphone that created a stir to the fans. But there are rumors already that this is either Google Nexus 5 or LG Optimus 2.

With this recently revealed photo created a rumor about the upcoming Optimus G2 of LG, there are also rumors around the block that this device is a product of the collaboration between Google Inc. and LG. If you have seen the Nexus 4 of Google and Optimus G of LG, there are similarities between the devices – this simalirites and the collaboration of the two smartphone giants could possibly lead to a Nexus 5 but branded by LG.

nexus 5

This is not the only smartphones that have been seen circling around. There are few phones from LG which are yet unknown. Some said that these are new versions of the Optimus G2 being tested before official announcements. These devices were said to have been running with 2GHz processors and has the latest Android 4.2.2 OS.

According to Chris Smith of Android Authority, the nameless and mysterious smartphone has a 5.5 inch screen when measured diagonally. He also speculated that this device will roll out at the end quarter of the year. This will follow the LG Optimus G Pro that was recently announced by the company.

(via: @evleaks)

Google Noah Falstein

Google Hired Veteran Game Developer Noah Falstein

Google seems to have something new under their sleeves again. This time, they are for some gaming developments. According to a report coming from TechCrunch, the tech giant hired Noah Falstein, an expert game developer, as their Chief Game Designer. With a project that requires a veteran like Noah Falstein, it could be something big.

Noah Falstein has been a long time game designer.  He was one of the game developers under LucasArts who developed the point-and-click games that we enjoyed before, as well as mobile and social games. He’s been in the industry for such a long time that he already understand that rise and fall of and other sectors of the gaming industry. Maybe Google wants to try something riskier with gaming and Noah Falstein and his expertise is the right guy to handle this.

Not just Apple but also Google has been in the gaming industry and platform for quite a while now. Their gaming sector became huge especially when Android OS starting taking over smartphones.

Google Noah Falstein

In an interview of Forbes’ Dave Thier with Noah Falstein years ago, the time when social and mobile gaming is just starting to grow, he mentioned that there are many game developers during the 90s where having difficulties with the change of time. Seems like they were stuck in just one game design and didn’t know how to create something new and get out of the old times.

Now that Falstein is in Google, let’s just wait and see what will he come up with or we might as well expect something big from them.

redesigned intel atom processor

Intel Announces Plan on Redesigned Much Powerful Atom Processor

Since Intel’s Atom processor for netbooks released five years ago, there were no major changes or redesigns that happen. Latest netbooks released between the years continued using the technology due to its power and performance and this proves that the Atom processors of Intel is a good chip.

But after the years, Intel finally announced that they are planning to release a redesigned Atom processor. Expected to happen on the second week of May, Intel will announce the Bay Trail and Merrifield processor which will be manufactured by Silvermont Micro-Architecture. The redesigns chips will be used for tablet PCs and smartphones which is becoming a mainstream today.

In a statement that the chipmaker released, Dadi Perlmutter, the company’s Executive VP, will talk about the latest chip design and the targeted low powered smartphones and tablet PC market. This new redesigned Atom chip is expected to have a high-performance feature and fast graphic chip just like its cousin processors.redesigned intel atom processor

To sum it up, the redesigned Atom chip is much newer and a different creation by Intel since its first design in 2008. Based on the 3D transistor 22-nanometer design, the new chip will have 4 processing cores.

This will be a good leap for Intel because devices that use the old Atom chips don’t give a good performance when running on Windows 8 especially on multitasking. The new Atom chip is expected make up this performance.

Devices equipped with the new Bay Trail chip is expected to roll out this holiday season to target shoppers and Merrifield chips is expected to be on smartphones in 2014.

BlackBerry CEO

BlackBerry CEO Claims Tablet PCs will be Obsolete after Five Years

Tablet PCs has been quite aggressive today along with the smartphones. Some think that this technology will continue for a longer time but with during the interview of Bloomberg with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, he said that tablets will be obsolete in five years. This indicates that he is not a fan of this technology in spite of releasing their own PlayBook Tablet

This is a bold statement from the CEO of a mobile technology manufacturer which also makes tablet PCs. In BlackBerry’s history, they also joined the tablet PC market and introduced their PlayBook. It was a great hit when it debuted but just can’t stand the competition against the emerging Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. Now, BlackBerry’s PlayBook is more like a bargain item.

BlackBerry CEO

For those who bought a PlayBook, some of them did not like it and switch to new devices while some became a fan and hoped for a new model that will run the latest BlackBerry 10 OS, which also run on the latest BlackBerry Z10 smartphones. According to the BlackBerry executive, they will not manufacture tablet PC’s unless they can make a good profit from it. The CEO also noted that the tablet PC market is not a good sector to be in.

After the interview of Bloomberg with CEO Thorsten Heins, BlackBerry followed up a statement defending what the CEO said stating that the comments made were about the future of the mobile computing generally. They also said that they are learning more about the strategies to be used in their tablets and will share it to the public whenever it is ready.

Also in the interview, the BlackBerry CEO claimed that BlackBerry will be leading the mobile computing technology in the next five year.

google stops meebo bar

Google Stops Operation for Meebo Bar to Focus on Google+

Google plans to shut down in June the Meebo Bar for receiving and sharing personalized content from websites in favor of Google+ tools for interaction between websites and users.

Google is planning to stop the further developments of the Meebo Bar to focus more in enhancing the Google+ tools.

Google acquired the company that made Meebo in June 2012. Aside from the Meebo toolbar that it has, they also incorporated it with advertisements, and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Meebo also has their own IM application in desktop and smartphones.

After the acquisition of Meebo, the tech giant stopped the developments of the Google Talk Chatback widget in July. This widget allows webmasters to embed it in their sites or blogs so they can interact with the visitors while on the site. Before stopping the operation, Google announced this saying “It’s now outdated, so we’re turning off Chatback and encouraging websites to use the Meebo bar,”.

google stops meebo bar

And after years of service by Meebo, it is time for it to rest and retire. According to Google’s announcement, it will stop the operation on June 6. The team working on with Meebo will be doing another tasks focusing more in the development of Google+ which is getting more and more popular today.

According to the team, though Meebo bar will be stopped, they are still going to continue some of its functions and “bring community, engagement, and revenue to publisher sites,”.

LG Optimus F5 qtranslate

LG Optimus F5 Hits Market Starting in Europe on April 29

LG’s Optimus F5 will finally hit the market after it was unveiled in the 2013 Mobile World Congress.

The new smartphone of LG will start in the Europe market on April 29. It will also be introduced on Monday in France. After the release in Europe, other continents such as Asia, India, South and Central America will also follow after a few weeks.

LG boasts the smartphone’s enhanced UI experience and their very own advanced LTE technology. LG also extended the battery life without sacrificing the size with its 2,150mAh. And just like any other smartphones, it also feature a 4.3-inch IPS screen supported by the 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Dual-core processor. The physical size is 126 x 64.46 x 9.30mm and has a microSD slot that can support up to 32gb of memory.

LG Optimus F5 qtranslate

The LG Optimus F5 already has the latest Android Jelly Bean 4.1.4 OS. It also has a feature called QSlide that lets the user activate multiple applications such as games and music at the same time and control the size and transparency of each window. It also comes with a video editor that can also be incorporated with music.

And here’s a very nice feature that it has, the QTranslator! This feature can translate sentences, phrases, and words. Just scan the text with the camera and it will do the magic. It supports 44 languages and can translate them in 64 languages.