Facebook Enhances Home Due to Complains and Low Rating

The popular social networking site, Facebook, introduced their Home app a month ago. Though it was downloaded by many since it launched, it did not live up in its hype.

The Facebook Home was rated with only two stars in the Google Play store and the Home-preloaded smartphone HTC First exclusively available through AT&T was slashed off to 99 cents from $99. This is something to worry about for a multi-million dollar company.

In a meeting in their Menlo Park, California-headquarters, Facebook showed some enhancements of the Home to the journalists. These enhancements were addressed to solve the complains coming from the users. Some complains say the Home app is taking over the entirety of their phone and they find it hard on using and finding some of their applications.

facebook home logo

According to Cory Ondrejka, Facebook’s director of mobile engineering, the Home is downloaded almost 1 million times but he cannot say if those users are happy or been actively using the software. But he did noted that there are 25%¬† spending time with Facebook and chat accounts only for 7%.

The director also recognized the complains about the software making other apps difficult to find. Their solution to this is to make a separate folder for the other apps. They are also adding a dock in the bottom for a quick access to some apps such as emails, sms, etc.

Chatheads feature also received complains. Users say it is very hard to start a conversation. Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s director of product, showed a new feature that will make conversation more convenient and easier to access.

No words yet on when the new enhancements for Facebook Home will be available.