Haswell Tablet-Laptop Hybrid “North Cape” Boasts Smart Frame

Intel introduced their tablet-laptop hybrid Haswell-line prototype in the CES last January. It is closing to its official release but before it happens, we give you some of its features that makes it stand out in the competition.

Named as the “North Cape”, this interesting tablet-laptop device boasts a nice screen that fits on what you need and how you intend to use your device. So basically, when you remove that screen in the body of the laptop or the keyboard dock, it automatically changes the screen size from 13.3 inches down to 11.6 inches, a smaller display with bezel on the sides so gripping on the tablet mode will not be a problem and your thumb will not disturb on the screen.

haswell north cape hybrid

When it shrinks the screen and adds the bezel on the sides, any gestures and touch controls will also be disabled – on the bezels only. When putting it back on the keyboard dock, it changes back to the original size of the display, bezels disappear, giving you as much as bigger screen. According to reports, this is Intel’s technology creating the virtual bezels allowing the transformation of the laptop screen to turn into a tablet computer.

Another thing about this laptop-tablet hybrid is the keylock on the top of the display so undocking for tablet mode is easier. Other existing laptop-tablet hybrids has the unlock button in the middle of the keyboard dock. The reason for this is to require the user to use both hands so the case of falling is almost impossible. But with this Haswell hybrid, one-hand undocking it possible by pressing the unlock button on the top that triggers the latch electronically.