Apple to be sued for 4G LTE in new iPhone, Samsung

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant, is allegedly setting up to sue Apple over its newest iPhone, expecting it to have 4G LTE connectivity patents which Samsung is claiming to be their property.

According to the company, Apple has infringed their patent for fourth generation long-term evolution or better known as 4G LTE connectivity, which is suspected to be featured in the rumored latest iPhone 5.

On Monday, reports say that Samsung has made up their minds and take legal action immediately against the Cupertino-based company Apple, with countries in Europe and even U.S. as their major targets.

The decision is reportedly decided after speculations that iPhone 5 will be launched in South Korea, with its 4G LTE. Additionally, Apple was speculated to have agreed with local mobile carriers to release the iPhone with LTE features on the market for domestic telecom frequencies.

One source explained that Apple would not preferably release the latest iPhone with just a 3G-related patents.