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Benefits of Free Classified Ads

Posting free classified ads generates huge response for you in obtaining the exact benefits and features as per your expectations. People looking forward to those ads that are of best use to them will be able to profit immensely with your regular posts. Several ad posting websites are known to provide you with valuable information that is needed in order to accomplish the given tasks. Finding only those ads that are featured as per your varying needs is possible as well because of the possibility of including custom features in an innovative manner.

Realize your objectives by browsing the ads posted on OLX in order to complete the tasks as per the requirement. Having huge reputation among customers with the provision of useful ads, you can expect tremendous response in a short span of time. Maximum security is offered regarding the privacy of information without ever sharing sensitive details with third parties. A wide range of options are provided to you as well so that you could get along with only those ad posts that contradict with your requirements in a perfect manner. Instant response is guaranteed no matter any kind of ads you choose.

Free classified ads Delhi are hugely popular because of the probability of receiving quick responses for any category of ads you have posted. Some of the popular categories that are always popular in this regard are Real Estate, Jobs and Vehicles. You can get best price for your used vehicle with faster responses generated. Other ads that are considered to be the most sought after are those related to computer sales and service. Customers who would like to maintain their personal computers, desktops, laptops, notebooks and tablets will be able to get the best deals with target ads that generate maximum hits.

Numerous other features of premium quality are offered by OLX to you in order to benefit from the latest ad tracking features as well. You can go through the most valuable content existing on the website by referring to the terms that are known to receive more number of hits. Obtaining a simple solution for your buying or selling needs is something that is uniquely possible with the dynamic features offered by the website. The unique advantage of browsing only those ads that have been customized to the core as per your regular needs will save your valuable time that would have otherwise gone wasted in looking for similar ads.

Prefer any of the free classified ads Delhi and you are bound to obtain expected responses in an instant manner. Meanwhile, you can get information on various jobs in and around the city related to various domains including Accounting, Management, Technical, Clerical and Customer Service. It is even possible to contact the recruiters directly once they post the requirements online along with the contact information. Latest jobs offered with best pay packages are mentioned in the ads in an easily understandable manner. Increasing the number of applicants per each job will bring in positive results for you on an overall.

iOS 6 Maps cuts exclusivity of Google, Apple opening door to other apps

iOS 6 Maps cuts exclusivity of Google, Apple opening door to other apps

The latest Maps found in iOS 6 launches an innovative turn by turn navigation for walkers and drivers. However this opens up transportation and other specific directions to third parties, which cuts the exclusive joint venture of Apple and Google for all kinds of directions for the first time.

The strategy of Apple to take its Maps alone in iOS 6 was primarily illustrated by wanting to wipe Google off the map with the use of iOS 6.The second section explained the procedure of the company on handling vector graphics to significantly enhance the experience of Maps in iOS 6. The third section described the process of Apple with regard to supplementing features of 3D Flyover to relocate the Street View of Google.

For the directions area, Apple is in the same way cutting Google out of its main place as the elite source of iOS Maps directions. In 2009, Google launched itself the latest Maps Navigation for Android 2.0. It has a series of new features for mapping, which include voice search, searching for products alongside a schemed method and 3D models, and a voice prompted turn by turn navigation features.

Initially, Apple emerged to set to take on Google’s features with its Street View feature last year. A spokesperson from Google explained that Apple is a close partner as there are millions of iPhone users experience Google Maps. Additionally, the search engine giant is committed to continue to work together with Apple to bring forth modernization, with Navigation and Latitude’s accessibility.


Steps To Secure Your LinkedIn Privacy

linkedin-privacyThere are some methods to avoid social ads, refuse promotional content from partners and stop sharing personal data with third-party applications.

LinkedIn, the social networking location for business professionals, could be a helpful means to look for jobs, look for new customers or develop your business contacts.

However, the first major U.S. social networking service to sell shares to the public ran into trouble with users in the previous week over a latest type of advertising called social ads.

The ads essentially turned LinkedIn users into cheerleaders for businesses.  They used names of individuals and photos to endorse products or services that the individuals had recommended or companies they followed.

Several users complained that LinkedIn automatically provided third parties the authority to use their names and photos in ads unless they opted out.

The uproar provoked LinkedIn to alter its policy.  It informed users that ads would now say that people in your network – not particular individuals – recommend a product, service or company.

LinkedIn is not the first social network to attempt to tap into the power of recommendations from people you know.  It is as well not the first to automatically include users in features rather than openly asking their permission.

There are the two other LinkedIn features that are on by default:

LinkedIn partners could send promotional content to users as part of marketing or hiring campaigns.  The partners don’t receive specific individuals’ data; they send the promotions through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn permits those applications to observe the users’ data and if users install third-party applications.

LinkedIn has made it straightforward to change your settings.  For those who desire to avoid the above features, here are step-by-step guides.

To avoid social ads:

1. Click on your name in the upper right corner.  Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click on “Account.”

3. Click on “Manage Social Advertising.”

4. Uncheck the box next to “LinkedIn might utilize my name, photo in social advertising” and click “Save.”

To opt out of promotional content form partners:

1. Click on your name in the upper right corner.  Choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.  2. Click on “Email Preferences.”

3. Click on “Turn on/off Preferences.”

4. Click on “Turn on/off partner In Mail.”


Comprehensive E3 by Gamasutra

Coverage for the Comprehensive E3 by Gamasutra Have Started

Comprehensive E3 by GamasutraThis week tens of thousands of game industry professionals will meet on the L.A. Convention Center and the surrounding areas for the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo, where the major players of the industry will be featuring their product techniques for the remaining of 2011 and beyond.

Editorial staff of Gamasutra will be on area at E3 with ongoing reporting on the important news initiating from the expo, coverage of the trends that come out and interviews with remarkable figures in game improvement.

Gamasutra readers could go after E3 news and more breaking game industry improvements in our news section, and as well go after E3-exact news in this dedicated Gamasutra E3 2011 page of this year, in connection with GamersFirst’s APB Reloaded.

Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo, the three hardware manufacturers will bring platform-oriented press conferences this week, at the same time the major third parties Electronic Arts and Ubisoft will hold individual conferences to talk about their future arrangements.

Pre-E3 reporting has previously started, however reporting for E3 week formally kick off with press conference of Microsoft Monday morning.  The complete press conference program, to be attended by Gamasutra and written up in both breaking news and post-event analysis formats, consists of the following:

Monday, 9:00 AM PDT: Microsoft Press Conference Monday, 12:30 PM PDT: Electronic Arts Press Conference Monday, 2:30 PM PDT: Ubisoft Press Conference Monday, 5:00 PM PDT: Sony Press Conference Tuesday, 9 AM PDT: Nintendo Press Conference