T-Mobile Prepaid Services and Handsets, Offered at Family Dollar

LG-GS170-ReviewsT-Mobile is working hard to increase its pre-paid service.  The pink carrier signed an agreement with 7-Eleven to sell the GS170 flip phone in its convenient stores two weeks ago.  Because the transition away from Radio Shack goes on, the carrier has added one more retailer to its list of handset outlets: Family Dollar.

Family Dollar and T-Mobile have been partners for a while already, with T-Mobile providing air time for prepaid handsets of Family Dollars.  However, this marks the first time that T-Mobile will be offering one of its own handsets during the dollar-store retailer.

The GS170 is your standard flip phone and comes with Bluetooth 2.1 and a VGA camera.  It will cost $30, and could be paired with the $50 per month plan of T-Mobile, which includes unlimited talk, text and web.  The plan will not result in some excess charges, but you will only get to take pleasure in T-Mobile’s 4G speeds for the first 100MB of data.  Subsequently, data will the throttled down to 2G speeds.