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LG to take over webOS from HP

LG to take over webOS from HP

The webOS software found a new home.

The famous webOS software of Hewlett-Packard is already sold to LG Electronics, a South Korean electronics company.

On Monday, the deal was announced by HP, which has gotten the company off of the centerpiece of its unfortunate purchase of $1.8 billion for Palm Inc. three years ago.

In 2011, HP used webOS as the facilitator into the tablet computer and smartphone market as well. However, the company immediately got rid of the mobile devices that runs on the software along with the failing revenues. As a result, HP decided to stop the development of the webOS for its own products and to give away the principal technology as open-source software for programmers everywhere in order to change for their personal necessities and prerequisites.

LG to take over webOS from HPOn the other hand, LG Electronics has larger plans for the software. Primarily, the webOS will be combined with a new line of Internet-connected televisions from the company. If this event becomes successful, then LG will consider selling household appliances and other gadgets running on webOS. The main concept of LG is to create a so-called “smart” home.

Moreover, along with the commitment of LG to webOS, the team of engineers who had been working on the software for HP will also be acquired by the company. However, it is not known if LG will also take over of the team’s offices or will move them to other locations.

Hewlett-Packard’s stocks recently dropped thirteen cents to close at $19.07.



Two Beta Versions of Open Source WebOS to be Released, HP

Two Beta Versions of Open Source WebOS to be Released, HP

On Friday, Hewlett-Packard has released two beta versions of its open source web operating system. One version is created for developers, running on the desktop of Ubuntu Linux. The other one is for the so-called “OpenEmbedded” development environment, determined to assist developers to port webOS to new devices.

The webOS team calls the project currently released as the August Edition. It composts of about forty-five open source webOS components and 450,000 lines of code. According to the team, the two beta versions were made public under the license of Apache 2.0. This is considered as the most liberal and accepted when it comes to open source webOS.

The latest beta version for desktop build has included a webOS System Manager version running as an application on the Ubuntu desktop. The new beta version supports applications built with the third party framework of JavaScript called Enyo. Core webOS apps like Contacts and Calendar run within the System Manager. The functions of the System Manager consist of rendering the webOS Card View, Status Bar, Launcher, and other interface fundamentals.

Moreover, the team explained that it was just natural for them to release a beta version for the OpenEmbedded platform. This is because of the extensive adoption of the community, and excellent cross-compiling support for numerous architectures of hardware. For this version, the webOS consists of an ARM emulator which will run core services like node and db8.

Further announcements will be made during the September launch of the open source OS.


microsoft windows phone

Microsoft Tops Over 30, 000 Apps for Its Windows Phone

microsoft windows phoneMicrosoft’s Windows Phone platform perhaps would not be the close to the top when it approaches to market share, however it is acquiring there when it approached to the quantity of apps accessible in its Windows Phone Marketplace.

The newest numbers from Windows Phone App List, a website that catalogs the quantity of app in the Marketplace, illustrate there to be more than 30,000 apps accessible.  Microsoft has arrived at this number in a simple 10 months from the Marketplace debuted.

Despite the fact that these numbers light in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of accessible for iOS of Apple and Android platforms of Google, when compared with other smartphone OSes, like BlackBerry OS and webOS, Microsoft has hopped fairly a bit in advance in a short quantity of time.  This increase is just probably to go on as the latest Windows Phone Mango update and fresh, new phones running it make their way into the hands of developers and users comparable.


Users Get Crazy over the TouchPad Fever

touchpad1-243951-5191355Users are totally crazy for HP’s touchpad, thanks to the recent fire sale costing of $99. The tablet runs out at stores across the country quicker than stores could drag them off the trucks.  The tablets are being sold for increasing of $300 on eBay.

The real question is, why?  We had serious issues with WebOS and that – together with current HP’s announcements of that WebOS would be close down – it is doubtful that those problems will be solved some time shortly.

Only just a week ago there was hardly some interest in the TouchPad.  Still when HP sliced $100 off the value of it no one will became aware of. However, obviously the company did not discount the tablet enough. Unexpectedly the TouchPad is the most favorite tech thing in the country. Suddenly while a value point that low is not easy to argue with, it has to be alleged that several users are have gone a small bit nuts on their agreement hunts.

With the huge demand for comparatively short figures of Touch Pads, users are urged to hurry from store to store to find a TouchPad in stock. The East coast quake Twitter user@transamcruiser even joked, “Was that an earthquake or did best buy just get like 3 touchpads in?”

The TouchPad has as well motivated huge discussion threads at sites like Slickdeals, where extreme deal hunters recount near misses and times of victory as they pursue for the WebOS tablet.

In a Slickdeals thread that is observing about ten posts each minute and has currently increased to over 1000 pages, consumers post updates on stores that do and don’t have the tablet in stock.  They as well trade jokes similar to this from user Steeldeals, “We’re in Hotel TouchPad: You can check out, but you can never leave…”

Although the Touch Pad not passed at going one-on-one with the Apple iPad before it even got out of the gate, currently at $99, the HP tablet has principally no rivalry. If nothing besides, this shows there is still an actual market for a capable bare-bones tablet at the center end of the market.  It is presently a dishonor that once Touch Pad fever burns out there will be nothing even close to its value point.

Palm CEO Rubenstein

Former Palm CEO Rubenstein, Hands Off with the HP WebOS

Palm CEO RubensteinJon Rubenstein, ex Palm CEO, is walking away from his central role in webOS supervision at HP, with Stephen DeWitt of the personal system team walking in to take control of the TouchPad and Smartphone platform.  The current role of Rubenstein as senior vice president for production modernization for the personal systems group will let him to “leverage his experience with consumer products to propel innovation across a broad range of areas”; on the other hand, that is not restoring the confidence of TouchPad owners, who are worried that HP is reducing its eagerness for the webOS platform.

The most famous reschedule from the Palm acquisition a year ago, Rubenstein has been qualified not just for driving expansion of webOS 3.0 but of the roadmap of platform all together.  While early reviews of the TouchPad, you could discover SlashGear’s review here were joined, in the majority cases discovery under whelming hardware, there was a slight hesitation that webOS had the possible for something far more inspiring.

Through changing Rubentein ahead of control over webOS, however, the apprehension is that HP’s more ordinary approach to PCs, notebooks and printers may sap several of the magic of the Palm platform.  HP itself says that actually the exec shamble will “accelerate the scale and growth of its existing webOS business as well as to expand and enhance other HP product lines.

That will probably see webOS create its much-discussed debut on PC range of HP, with printers and may be other peripherals.  There are as well some latest gadgets projected from the leaked webOS roadmap in the approaching months.

HP WebOS Software

CEO: HP is Open to Licensing WebOS Software

Chief Executive Leo Apotheker said that Hewlett-Packard Co. observes the WebOS software it got from Palm running gadgets also its own and is open to licensing the operating system.

Apotheker who was talking at the D9 conference organized by the blog AllThingsD said, “I happen to believe that WebOS is a uniquely outstanding operating system. It’s not correct to believe that it should only be on HP devices.”

Inquired if HP would think licensing it to others, like Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC Corp, Apotheker said, “It is certainly something we would entertain.”

The ambitious preparation for WebOs approaches as HP is cogging up to launch its 9.7 inch TouchPad tablet, which is based on the WebOS software that HP got last summer in its $1.2 billion buy of handheld gadget pioneer Palm.

HP WebOS SoftwareWebOS is broadly showed as a tough platform, although HP faces an uphill fight to increase traction in the mobile market.  Its products are incoming late to a market previously crawling with rivalry from Apple Inc. and gadgets based on Android of Google Inc.

He felt sorry that the company did not get Palm and WebOS to market closer.

He said, “Right now we are focused on getting it out in the market to gain the credibility.  WebOS will also be adopted by many partners who provide services to small and medium businesses.”

HP which as well prepares to include the operating system into every printer valued more than $100 together with utilizing it to run smartphones, desires WebOS to be the No. 3 operating system, following iOS of Apple and Android of Google.

Apotheker said, “It didn’t catch on because Palm didn’t have the resources to create the final quality nor could it get distributed widely enough to make it credible.”

photo credit: srigk.wordpress.com

2011 HP Tablets Releasing Soon

HP verified that they set two launches of two tablet computers in coming months. One of the HP tablet mechanisms would sprint WebOS, the working scheme presently established on Palm smart phones.

The extra HP tablet mechanism, aspired at endeavor users – and most probably standing a lot heftier value tag – would sprint Microsoft Windows 7. They claimed the WebOS tablet will strike layers next year, even though the corporation did not identify an accurate day for the Windows 7 tablet.

HP executive Todd Bradley said in a conference call that “You’ll witness us with a Microsoft product in the close to upcoming, and a WebOS-based product in early 2011.” This dual-platform approach – two computers, one running Windows and one running WebOS – may perhaps build HP a power in the tablet market, which is extensively predictable to blow up by the ending of this year.

2011 HP Tablets

Previously, HP contender Dell has released the Streak, a tweener mechanism that collapses wherever among smartphone and tablet. Temporarily, hardware producer HTC is supposed to be below agreement to create a line of tablet computers for Google. The Google tablet would reportedly sprint Chrome OS and strike provisions on Black Friday.

This tablet game is presently subjugated by the iPad, the passionately fashionable Apple computer. Apple has believed that it sold 1 million iPad units within 28 days of start on – under half the time it obtained to sell 1 million of the unique iPhone handsets. In current weeks, some blogs have started reporting that Apple might discharge a couple of latest iPads by the opening of the 2011, as well as a 7-inch machine.

Apple has not remarked on a latest iPad line. However if the reports are precise, it would place heaviness on other producers to obtain their iPad-killers on top of the market – post-haste.