Technology Plays Big Role in Connecting People in Japan

Call service has been mottled in Japan, however thanks to the internet some families are re-connecting since the earthquake.

One East Greenbush native living in Japan used Google technology to inform us what it’s like over there.

Through Google Chat, FOX23 news spoke with Benjamin Belcher. Through his Internet connection in Japan he called the newsroom.  He said the Internet is playing an enormous role in carrying people jointly, giving help, and touching base with family to allow them recognizes they are all right.

He illustrates the view in Japan as terrible – buildings swinging, offices shaking, and a wall of water barreling through cities and towns.

Belcher said, “Everybody just stopped dead in their tracks.  I could see people grabbing telephone poles or sitting down on the curb.”

Belcher has been instructing English in Tokyo for around three years already. He says the destruction in Japan is irresistible.

Cell phone service is down and people are attempting to attach with their family and friends.

Belcher said, “Technology saved a lot of people’s butts and saved a lot of people headaches and heartaches, you know.”

He speaks more than the past 15 hours he’s been on Facebook more than ever, obtaining and receiving over 150 posts and messages, talking with his friends in other parts of Japan and informing his family back home that he’s alright.


He said, “It’s good, good to have this communication.  My parents said thank the lord, they’re thankful for this technology that we have it and that we know you’re okay. If this happened 20 years ago and I were here, a lot of people would still be in the dark.”

Facebook and Twitter are not the just outlets assisting people reconnect. Google has opened a person finder. And if you immediately desire to help, you can create a donation online immediately, or send a text.

Red Cross spokespersons saying the entire of this technology will create a world of dissimilarity for the people in Japan as it did for the people in Haiti.

Skip Zimmerman with the Red Cross said, “It connects people deeply. The texting brought in over $35 million in just a few days in ten dollar increments, so it worked really well.”

The Japanese Red Cross will start harm appraisal rapidly.

In the meantime, Belcher and his friends will be evaluating the injure themselves and updating each one on Facebook.

He said, “It keeps people together during a time of crisis.”

Belcher says people are using Facebook to give up their apartments and offices to anybody who’s trapped.

If you desire to help, text the words “Red Cross” to 90999 to have a $10 donation.

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