Technology That Features Faster Fingerprint ID, Revealed by the FBI

The bureau proclaimed on March 8 that the latest technology platform of FBI for hoarding and recognizing fingerprints is now ready.

The System of Next Generation Identification (NGI) puts some latest biometric features and is anticipated to considerably lessen processing times evaluating to the accessible Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System (IAFIS), opened by the FNI in 1999.

The IAFIS houses the fingerprints and criminal histories of 66 million people, in addition 25 million “civil” prints. The FBI said, “IAFIS processes an average of approximately 162,000 10-print submissions per day.”  The scheme has been utilized countrywide by law enforcement agencies at the federal, state and local stages.

Daniel D. Roberts, Assistant Director of FBI Criminal Justice Information Services Division said in her declaration that “While IAFIS has been effective, criminal and terrorist threats have evolved over the past decade. Today’s environment demands faster and more advanced identification capabilities.” He named the NGI System a “quantum leap” in fingerprint recognition.

The System of NGI will computerize excellence checks that in the past were prepared by hand, and consist of enhanced search functionality and better giving out of dormant prints, superior storage of palm prints, plus better combination of photos with fingerprint and capture data.

The latest platform will be competent of recognizing fingerprints in a small number as 10 minutes.  The IAFIS got two hours on standard.

The system of NGI will be made out to comprise “Multimodal” biometric data, like retina scans, scars, tattoos and facial acknowledgement.

Since 2008, the latest fingerprint recognition technology has been in the works, when Lockheed Martin was awarded the competitive agreement for the latest method.

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  1. March 30, 2012 at 8:14 am

    I think I want to work for the FBI when I graduate from college and I saw a question on Yahoo answers and one of the answers said that during the hiring process, the FBI also checks your computer/internet records.

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