Teenagers Sends an Average of 60 SMS a day: According to Studies

Any guardians or parents noticed their teenage son’s and daughter’s fingers through their phones with a speed of lightning will say that this is certainly true. New research shows that teens today are sending more sms in their phones than before.

A teenager is sending an average of 60 sms per day, higher than average of 50 wayback 2009, based on the latest research conducted by Pew on the topic of “Teens, Smart Phones and Texting.”

And if you think that the figure seems so low, it could be if you have an older teen: The average number of sms sent by teens ages 14 to 17 increased from 60 a day in 2009 up to 100 a day in 2011.

Older teen girls appears to be the more enthusiastic texters, according to the report.

“Mobile devices increasingly dominate teens’ communicative lives,” as outlined by Pew senior research specialist Amanda Lenhart as well as author of the said report. “Teens continue to privilege texting, while their use of e-mail, instant messaging and even voice calling has moved to the background.” she added.

This is a extension of a trend that’s already been established. A Pew research in 2010 discovered that texting was crowned the prominent way of communication for teens.

As phones getting cheaper in the low-end, the average figure for this year might become double in the following years.

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  1. There is no special procedure. Just sign up in any of these site and send sms to as many numbers as you want.

  2. 60 a day? I can’t believe it! I thought it’s 120 SMS a day! That’s what my niece is wasting her allowance. Text here, text there. Parents should take time and discipline their children to be more frugal.
    Karyn18 recently posted..Like an Insufferable Abdominal Pain

  3. I am quite alarmed with this case, instead of working with assignment and writing in a sheet of paper my daughter is always checking on her phone and make fun on Texting…
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