Temple Run 2 on Android

In 2012, Temple Run was one of the most popular games which has seen about 2.5 million downloads in just one day. And just like any other mobile gaming studio, Imangi Studios has unveiled and released the sequel to this popular game on both Android and iOS.

Temple Run 2 was made available for iOS on January 17, seeing six million downloads on the first day it was launched. However, the version for Android has just been available on the Google Play store recently.

To make it short and simple, the racing/escaping game is awesome. If you are one of those who enjoyed the first Temple Run, then surely you will love Temple Run 2 even better.

Temple Run 2 rules and guidelines are all the same on the first game. Basically, you have to escape from greedy monkeys and collect coins while running through an ancient temple, jumping, swerving around and ducking to avoid blockades.

However, in this new sequel, the course has dips, curves, and hills which means it is automatically more challenging compared to the first one due to these new additions, as you only have straight lines and right angles. Additionally, there are new modes of transportation such as train carts to ride and ropes to slide down. There are also new power-ups in the game.

The Temple Run 2 application is absolutely for free and is now available on both Google Play store and iTunes App store.

Temple Run 2 on Android