Terrorism Charges Against Twitter Users

Terrorism Charges Against Twitter Users

Terrorism Charges Against Twitter UsersProsecutors in Mexico are following a sabotage and terrorism charges against the two twitter users who tweeted a false report that there is an attack by drug gangs in progress in a local elementary school.

In the tweet, they falsely claim that gunmen attack several schools in Veracruz, a Mexican State, and kidnapped or injured some children.  A prosecutor linked this mass panic due to the erroneous tweets to Orson Wells’s 1938 radio broadcast and claimed that there were 26 traffic related accidents because parents rushed to the schools to save their children.

Charges came from the tweets made last August 25 by Gilberto Martinez Vera, a math tutor, and a 57 year-old radio commentator and journalist Maria de Jesus Bravo Pagola.

Martinez wrote in his tweet, “My sister-in-law just called me all upset, they just kidnapped five children from the school…” and after three days he continued the false reports saying “they mowed down six kids between 13 and 15 in the Hidalgo neighborhood…”. On the similar attack that occurred, children were not involved. Martinez also added “took 5 kids, armed group, total psychosis in the zone.”

Over the years, Drug war in Mexico claimed over 40,000 lives including civilians that got caught in the crossfire, according to Los Angeles Times. In August, a suspected drug cartel member threw a grenade in the Veracruz aquarium injuring two children, a woman and killed a man.