Tesla Seeking Support to Sell Battery-Powered Cars in Texas

Tesla, a manufacturer of battery-powered vehicles, is now seeking for support to allow them sell their cars in the city of Texas.

Tesla is supporting the Senate Bill 1659 introduced by Rep. Eddie Rogriguez and Sen. Craig Estes, which permits the U.S.-based car manufacturers to sell environment-friendly or battery-powered vehicles to the citizens of Texas. The house bill would also allow Tesla to invest in the cities of Texas in opening stores, service centers, and staff.

As of the moment, Tesla is not allowed to sell their vehicle because of the Texas Occupation Code. The manufacturer cannot sell their cars directly to the Texas consumers for the reason that they don’t have franchised dealer relationships within the U.S.

Tesla CEO and Co-founder Elon Musk is calling out to allow them and support a new bill. In his statement, he said “Our goal is to bring electric vehicles to the mass market by telling our story, educating the public about electric vehicles, and delivering the best car in the world. The ability to sell cars through Tesla-owned stores is important for sustainable transportation and is the best chance a new electric car company has of succeeding. Our sales model allows for innovative technology to be more affordable to the broader population in an unconflicted way, without changing the dealer model for gasoline-powered cars…”

Tesla CEO and Co-founder Elon Musk