Text-to-Speech Feature for iOS 5, Revealed by Nuance

ios5-speechIt looks like we are at last getting a picture of the long-reported text-to-speech combination inside mobile iOS 5 operating system of Apple as a couple of leaked images have surface illustrating the latest voice-enabled feat.  The functionality comes from technology expanded by Nuance, and comes out very much the same with the text-to-speech functionality inside Android.

Rather than typing in a reply to a text message or a keyboard, users could currently activate the microphone icon in the keyboard and voice out their messages.  Most probably, the voice message would get transmitted to the servers of Nuance, get decoded and then sent back to the phone transcribed in the text entry field.  If this is the case, for speech-to-text, or SST, to work, an active Internet connection would be required to communicate with servers of Nuance.  The process would be extremely the same to the implementation of Android of STT.

If the user is reading aloud the message, a microphone overlay would be exposed that would cover the screen.

According to sources to 9-to-5 Mac, the functionality is currently planned for smaller devices, like the iPhone and iPod Touch as these gadgets are more mobile and would perhaps be more affected by hands-free laws in the United States and other nations that prohibit the driver of an automobile from using or sending text messages while driving.  On the other hand, the functionality can potentially make its way to the larger iPad also and would provide iPad owners another way to entering text.  In Apple’s presentation of iOS 5 beta, the company emphasized that in addition to the normal keyboard on the iPad, iOS 5 would launch a split-screen keyboard and this can be so far one more way for users to enter text on their devices.

SST would join Apple’s Voice Control for using voice to navigate the iPhone and would represent the iPhone-manufacturer’s push to user interfaces and experiences beyond touch.