Best apps for Android

As the month comes to an end and it’s getting a little colder, you are either planning to go to a warmer region or just staying inside your home. Therefore, you might be needing something in order to drive away that tiresome feeling. Here are some travel and game apps for you to enjoy if you are thinking of going away and more.

Temple Run 2
The sequel of the much-played escaping/racing game app for Android and iOS has been recently released and a lot of people have already downloaded the game this week. The game is setup in a whole new world with more power-ups, making it more addictive than the previous one. Plus, it’s free to download.

Super Hexagon
This game is a more famous app in Android phones. Just manipulate the little triangle around the hexagon and make sure to avoid the moving walls. It has a bass-heavy soundtrack that can set your teeth on the edge while making sure you survive long. This game can be downloaded for $1 only.

Basically, you can book everything you need for a next trip or vacation, from your flight details, hotel¬†accommodations¬† meals for the day, to the destinations you want to go in that place through the use of OpenTable. This is Google’s ultimate travel app for you and it’s for free!

If you are sightseeing in any part of the world, then this app is the best guide for you! You can discover adorable and amazing places or make a list of places and things you want to visit and foods you want to eat. This is a free app where you can easily pick any destination.

The best apps for Android