The Facebook Home Software Suite now Available in Google Play Store

With the social networking giant rolling out the Facebook Home, they claim that they are putting people first before the app. Facebook Home is an app collective that attempts to recreate the the functions of social networking and integration of News Feed and chat in the home screen of Android devices. It is now available in the Google Play store and everyone should try and see how this software suite change your social network life.

The Facebook Home software suite is compatible with these devices as of now: Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, HTC One X+, One X, and One. The Htc First is already optimized to run the software.

Here are some of the details about the Facebook Home

It is collective of Facebook Apps that changes your entire Android device to a, something like, a Facebook phone. The Cover Feed app changes the lockscreen and the homescreen providing you updates about the activities of your social network friends without the hassle of unlocking the phone and activating some apps. The Chat Heads, which is currently rumored as wrong typo (reports say that it has to be “Chatheads” and not “Chat Heads”), shows the picture of your friend that is getting in touch with you.

With the chat feature, it works with Facebook and SMS messaging. The messages pop up in the top of the screen even if you are opening some apps. For those who doesn’t want the Facebook Home software but wants these chat feature, Facebook had already updated their Android messenger to have the chat heads.

the facebook home software suite android

It seems that the rollout of Facebook Home is getting into some issues as some android users are having some problems downloading – others had successfully installed and reported to be currently enjoying the Facebook Home. The social network company might already be aware of this and fixing the issue.